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If you would like to find office space in Pittsburgh, let us help you with one of our highly qualified tenant rep brokers. We have been helping businesses in Pittsburgh find office space since 1995. We have some great tenant reps who can really make a difference in your office space selection and negotiation. They handle Pittsburgh office space leasing or rentals and commercial office space for sale. There service is FREE, so there is nothing for you to lose to give us a try. You will be glad you did.

The Pittsburgh office space market is comprised of many areas with their own unique neighborhoods. The downtown area, called the Golden Triangle, is surrounded by four main areas: North Side, South Side/South Hills, East End, and West End. The North side is primarily residential neighborhoods, with 19th century architecture. The South Side, once inexpensive housing for mill workers, is now one of the most popular neighborhoods with many stores, restaurants, offices and the world headquarters for American Eagle Outfitters. The East End is the home of the University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University. The West End is famous for its view of the downtown skyline and popular residential neighborhoods, such as Sheraden. We can help you find just the right Pittsburgh office space that fits your needs perfectly.

Many of Pittsburgh former factories have been converted into modern day office space, earning the city the designation as “the poster child for managing industrial transition”. With the area's unemployment rate continuing to drop, and new construction on the horizon, the Pittsburgh office space market is expected to remain healthy. In addition, Pittsburgh’s well diversified economy appears to be outperforming a majority of the country, and is poised to continue growing in the coming years.

Known as the “Steel City” because of it’s over 300 steel-related businesses, Pittsburgh is home to over 307,000 residents, making it the 2nd largest city in Pennsylvania. One of its earliest industries was that of boat building for the settlers of the Ohio Country. After the War of 1812, and the supply of British goods being cut-off, Pittsburgh started producing iron, brass, tin and glass. Demand for these industries increased with the American Civil War. The early 1980s brought the end of the area’s steel and electronics industries, with massive layoffs and factory closures.

Since the collapse of its earlier steel and electronics industries, Pittsburgh has renewed its economic base with industries such as high technology, healthcare, robotics, tourism, education, and biomedical technology, just to name a few. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is the largest employer in the area, with over 48,000 employees.

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