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Are you searching for office space in Washington, DC? Let our local pros do it for you… it won't cost you anything for their services!

With office space in DC totaling over 125 million square feet, there are available office locations, one of which is perfect for your needs. The trick is in finding it. That is what we do day in and day out and we are very good at.

The Washington, DC office space market is divided up into several smaller submarkets, all with their unique characteristics. Some of the more popular office submarkets in DC include:

Georgetown has fantastic retail amenities abound in this historic DC submarket. Office tenants can enjoy access to numerous shopping and food choices all within a short walk. Active nightlife, historic streets and a youthful vibrant vibe are all features of this active submarket. This market has no subway metro access.

The Capitol Riverfront is one of the fastest growing submarkets in DC. Affordable office space, metro accessibility and new retail amenities surrounding the Nationals Stadium are all features of this vibrant submarket.

Northwest DC: DC is divided into four quadrants. The Northwest quadrant encompasses some of the most prized real estate in the country.

Capitol Hill Just like the name describes this submarket gives the closest and most convenient access to the US Capitol. This older established submarket features both historic and new office product at reasonable rental rates.

CBD: Convenient to everything DC. If you are looking to locate in the highest-end submarket in DC it will either be the CBD or East End. Trophy class buildings and some class B options are available. The submarket features exceptional metro access, great retail, and some of the finest office addresses in the city.

DC’s East End: Like the CBD this submarket offers some extremely high end options for office tenants. Great metro access, retail amenities, and the tenant mix is a who’s who of the corporate and political power of this country.

NOMA: A submarket that has been the focus of major redevelopment over the last decade. This submarket features fantastic walkability, contemporary office and retail buildings and a vibrant nightlife. Good metro accessibility and some affordable office space options relative to the high price tag of the CBD and East End.

Uptown DC: This large submarket features a huge variety of space options. Good retail amenities, metro accessibility and mix of large and small blocks of office space are features of this submarket. Not nearly as expensive as the CBD or East End.

Other DC office submarkets include:
Northeast DC
Southeast DC
DC’s West End

As a Washington business owner, you may wish to locate to a larger or more appealing office space Washington offers or you may wish to find a space to move your thriving home business out of your home office. Perhaps your need for Washington office space is a satellite office to service more customers conveniently, a medical office, wholesale or retail center or light industrial space or your business needs a Washington office space to support a government contract or relocate your corporate headquarters. You may want to move your organization from across the country to the nation’s capital. Whatever your reason for desiring Washington, DC office space, the task can be difficult and time consuming if you are searching by yourself.

OfficeFinder’s Washington office space professionals will not only save you time and speed up the process considerably but assist you in striking the best deal with the property owner, whether you want office space to rent, lease or buy – and the service is FREE. Simply communicate your basic information using the form above and a LOCAL OfficeFinder representative specializing in the type of space you desire will contact you right away for complete details. Using proprietary databases, ones not readily available, we match your needs and preferences to available Washington office space. You choose which matching properties to visit. After choosing one, you are happy with, we assist you through negotiating with the owner, helping you ensure you get the best possible agreement for renting, leasing or buying the space. We assist you until the deal is fully closed so you have expert advice every step of the way.

OfficeFinder serves all submarkets in metro Washington and surrounding cities; we’ll locate alternative Washington office space such as executive suites and virtual office space Washington metro offers. Have a Washington office space professional on your side when seeking the right location for your business.

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