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Conventional Office Space vs.
Executive Suite Space
Lease Cost Comparison

Number of Employees:

Type of Office Layout
Efficient (open area with cubicles)
Typical (120 sq ft office size)
Spacious (180+ sq ft office size)

Conference Room Seating: (0 for no conference rooms)
Extraordinary requirements: square feet

Overall Quality of Premises and Improvements
Basic - Open area for Conventional / Interior room(s) for Executive Suite
Building Standard

Length of Stay: months

Conventional Rental rate: $ per sq ft per year (fully serviced)
Please use the average Class A office space rental rate in your market

Receptionist/Administrative Support Requirement:
Yes -> 

We assume you will need 1 phone line
Number of additional phone lines:
Total number of Phones needed:
Do you own these phones? Yes  No

Copiers Needed:   Do you currently own them? Yes  No
Fax Machines needed:   Do you currently own them?  Yes  No

Type of Internet Access Desired:

Do you need furniture?
Yes -> Number of desks