Gensler Models its Design in Their Own Atlanta Office Space

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Gensler Atlanta Office Space

Gensler is a global design firm that works in over 100 countries with almost 2,500 clients, and their Atlanta offices are a model of the good design that they seek to foster in an amazing range of client work. Here are some of the things that make the Gensler designs great Atlanta office space.

  • Outdoor space to work or relax. Despite being located midway up an Atlanta skyscraper, they have found a way to work outdoor space into their offices. Complete with Astroturf and stylish teak furniture, the “sky terraces” make a comfortable location to work in the midst of a busy Midtown location.
  • Sunny social space. Dubbed the Tea Room, this break space has colorful chairs and a fun designer lamp, along with a television built into the wall alongside the fridge and other storage amenities.
  • Few enclosed, and bright, offices. There are only four enclosed offices in the entire 22,000 square feet, and they are lined with glass to make it easy to see if someone is available.
  • Glass-enclosed team rooms. Meeting spaces are glass-lined, keeping noise in but allowing light to flow easily around the entire office space. Workstations with bright, upholstered visitors’ stools, are broken into smaller “neighborhoods” by these team spaces.
  • Well-lighted project rooms. These smaller spaces are lined with walls which can support idea boards and are firm enough for writing and drawing as projects develop.
  • Expandable conference room. This room can be separated into smaller meeting spaces with easily-movable glass (of course) walls, allowing light to flow through while muffling sound.
  • A sense of place. The elevator lobby is decorated with reclaimed pine boards, showcasing the LEED nature of much of Gensler’s building design work. The reception area is designed to resemble the lobby of a boutique hotel, providing an inviting place in which to relax.

So if you’re looking to build the perfectly designed office space, Gensler might be a good team member for your project. And if you’re looking for great office spaces in Atlanta, contact us today.

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Unique Houston Office Space at Spencer Ogden Energy: Astroturf and Basketball Hoops

Bringing the outdoors inside was one of the goals for Bonita Spencer-Percival, decorator of the Houston office space of London-based Spencer Ogden Energy. “We wanted the Houston space to be organic and earthy, too, not cold and sterile. We wanted the employees to feel energized by the office environment.” There’s no question that she succeeded in her goal. Here are some of the unique elements in these great Houston office spaces:

  • AstroTurf has become the signature flooring for Spencer Ogden’s offices, here and around the world. The main work area, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, allows the sun to brighten the green of the AstroTurf, and a large map of the world on one wall reminds everyone of the global nature of the organization. Televisions are built into the map to make the latest world news instantly accessible.
  • Huge, high-tech, custom-made tables use reclaimed wood and a hollow circular center to hide all the cables that allow up to 17 meeting attendees to remain plugged in at all times. The round table harkens back to Percival, one of the Knights of the Round Table, connecting this global business with its British roots.
  • Tucked into an edge of this same work area is an old-fashioned soda fountain (complete with modern microwave) where staff can enjoy lunch or a coffee break. In addition to the high-topped tables, there are café-style tables near those floor-to-ceiling windows, giving workers the chance to imagine they are lunching outdoors.
  • The unusual employee lounge includes one chair each upholstered in British and US flags, along with a smart leather couch, a hairdryer-turned-lamp, and retro chrome and glass tables. A sporting theme is behind the framed prints and newspaper clippings which line the walls.
  • An elegantly formal conference room includes antique table and chairs, coats-of-arms prints, and vintage barware. At the opposite end of the room is a classic steer skull surrounded by black and white photographs of early Texan workers in the oil fields.
  • The workday at Spencer Ogden includes a “power hour,” where no one may work sitting down. They may shoot basketball at convenient hoops, mingle, take a walk, or jog around on that AstroTurf—but they must be active.

So if you’re looking to keep your employees active and engaged, consider some of these tactics. And if you’re looking for great office spaces in Houston, contact us today.

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Green Denver Office Space

Colorado is known for being on the cutting edge of both sustainability and entrepreneurial innovation, and Denver Office Space is no exception to the rule. When it comes to thinking outside the typical cube farm box, Green Spaces has created an office environment that is good for the environment as well as being a community for those who work there. We think Green Spaces, which is also a coworking location, is a great Denver office space. Here’s why.

  • Their work space is completely solar powered, which means they are walking the walk when it comes to living out their commitment to sustainability.
  • Their work spaces are also filled with green plants, which make for a healthier breathing environment for those who work in their building. The offices are also dog-friendly, which is proven to help reduce stress.
  • Another way that Green Spaces supports sustainability is by requiring all businesses who cowork at their location to be certified by Denver’s green certification program. This helps to ensure that the businesses sharing the space have similar ideals, even if their products and services might be very different. And in fact there is a wide variety of businesses using the space—everything from attorney, accountant and real estate firms to design, photography and plantscape companies.
  • Green Spaces promotes community and collaboration with a number of unique features, including town halls, a monthly speaker series, open houses to help introduce their businesses and office space to the community, and a weekly Stretch and Sip—early evening yoga, followed by a glass of wine.
  • Among their half-a-dozen partners, they have included a nonprofit, GreenLeaf, which engages youth in urban agriculture. This is an illustration of their commitment to social sustainability as well as environmental.
  • Photos

If you’re looking for great green office spaces in Denver, Green Spaces could be an answer—especially as they are adding additional space in 2015. To learn more about this and other great office space in Denver, contact us today.

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Unique Orlando Office Space

It’s become quite popular to make offices stand out for all sorts of reasons. Whether you’re looking to attract employees, enjoy unique locales, or trim back on the spending without sacrificing workflow, there are some great Orlando office space making things work. Here are some examples:

  • The balcony. Jones Lang LaSalle is a real estate brokerage firm downtown, and not surprisingly, they’ve got the connections to find great office space. One of the best things about their office, however, is the nice wide balcony. With comfortable chairs and cool tables, it’s a great place for staff to have lunch or al fresco meetings, as well as awesome receptions and other events, complete with a view of the other great buildings in the downtown area.
  • The boxcar. If you’re a train lover, this is the office for you. Complete with colorful awnings and conveniently located near the CSX railroad tracks in downtown Winter Park, six of these boxcars were converted into office spaces. A great conversation piece, these 440-square-foot offices are appropriate for a solopreneur—or you could splurge on the double-car 880-square-foot version for a bit more leg room.
  • The hotel room. Maya Angelou rented a hotel room by the month, wherever she lived, and used it as her office. Orlando hotels have been known to remove the bedroom furniture and set up office spaces to rent when times were tough; perhaps they got the idea from her. Certainly the free wifi and morning coffee from the breakfast bar are great incentives to get to work on time.
  • The free range. Siemens AG downsized their offices from 70,000 to 55,000 square feet two years ago, providing only 77 work stations for every 100 employees. This allows employees to set up shop for the day in whatever office space is available, and keeps anyone from developing a sense of territoriality or superiority about having a corner office.

So if you’re looking for unique or quirky office space, consider some of these unusual options  and if you’re looking for other great Orlando office space, contact us today for some help.

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Great Chicago Office Space: Feels Just Like—or Better Than—Home

When it comes to Chicago office space there are some unique offices that help in making employees stay engaged and feel like sticking around by making the workplace irresistible. Most of us have heard about Google’s slide, and imagined what our own offices would be like if they came with a game room. But what if your office came with perks even greater than a game room? Today we take a peek into a couple of extremely well-equipped great Chicago office space and imagine what it would be like to work in them.

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The national headquarters for this successful residential mortgage company is conveniently located in North Center, and has everything you can think of to make an office feel like home—if your home was a very well-equipped place indeed. For starters, there’s a great rooftop with herb garden to relax in, complete with comfortable couches, fire pits, satellite radio and “yoga on the roof” classes. When you’ve completed your rooftop meeting schedule for the day, head downstairs to the fully equipped gym to take a fitness class or bike while watching the latest on HBO. If you pull a muscle at the gym (or spend too much time at your computer), there is a full-time masseuse available for getting the kinks out of your muscles. If you don’t feel well after all that exertion, stop by the office of the nurse practitioner for a quick checkup. Then you can finish up your day by checking out what the gourmet chef has to offer….  See and Read More>>


The headquarters for this dozen-year-old digital ad technology company is on W. Hubbard, and while it’s got the requisite exposed brick and bright colors, it’s also got a kitchen that makes you feel right at home, a yoga studio, and happy hours complete with karaoke. They also understand that the best work doesn’t happen in meetings; their large conference room is called the “bored room.” They have clearly created an ambiance which makes for happy employees, because Crain’s Chicago Business named Centro the best place to work for four  years (2011 – 2014) in a row.

Watch what makes a great place to work:

If you’re looking for great Chicago office space to call home, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you create the perfect home-away-from-home for you and your staff.

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