4 Benefits of Having a Green Office Space

Target a green office spaceWhen people hear the phrase “going green,” they tend to think of what people do at home. However, office buildings are getting in on the environmentally friendly lifestyle as a way to cut costs, improve their reputations, and provide a better workplace for their employees. The following benefits of green office space are brought to you courtesy of Tree Hugger and one of our members, NYC Office Suites.

The Benefits of Green Office Space

Benefit #1: Lower Bills

Going green isn’t an inconvenience businesses suffer through to help the environment; it’s a way to save money. Windows that let in more natural light mean there’s less of a need to turn on overhead lamps. LED lights use less power, last longer, and overall are less expensive to use. Most green steps that an office space takes, from bringing in plants to recycling leftover lunch into compost, has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Benefit #2: Healthier Employees

A standard office is full of all kinds of health concerns, from unhealthy air in the ducts, to depressing color schemes that can suck the life out of a day. Going green can help alter the atmosphere, and keep everyone healthy. Office plants, particularly if they’re abundant, can trap contaminants from the air, and keep moisture flowing. Flowers can add a touch of perfume, and the bright colors can have a positive effect on workers’ moods. While putting hanging tomato plants up might seem a little silly, there’s nothing quite like plucking a snack from your hanging planter while you’re going through quarterly returns.

Benefit #3: Increased Productivity

Green office spaces have shown, when compared to their less-green brethren, increased productivity from employees. There’s just something about working in a green office space that helps lubricate the mind, and keep results going strong. Employers know this, and it’s why more and more of them are getting onto the green office space bandwagon as a way to get the best possible performance out of their work forces.

Benefit #4: Positive Company Image

Not only do the younger generations of employees take green office space into consideration when selecting their employers, but clients appreciate the efforts you make in going green. Your company will be perceived as on the leading edge. After all, we all want to make sure that we live and work in a safe environment and going green is a step in that direction. It is the “right thing to do.”

For more information on green office space, and how it can benefit your company, simply contact us today!

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4 Steps to Build an Agile Workplace

Agile WorkplaceThere are many exciting trends in office spaces, but one of the biggest trends is the agile workplace. Agile workplaces are designed on the principle of giving workers space to work in ways that they are most comfortable and allowing them to work where and when they want. An agile workplace can quickly transform to suit the needs of the workforce. This innovative idea has led to more engaged employees and overall increased productivity. Companies that want to increase their productivity should take the following steps to implement an agile workplace.

1. Establish a plan: You should have an idea as to the what the office should look like before you begin designing your agile workplace. Make sure you know what the office space will be used for before you start planning. Hiring your own space planner is the best way to go about doing this.

2. Develop a budget for your program: Designing or redesigning your office space is expensive, so you must establish a budget before you design your agile office space. Decide what furniture you are getting rid of and what furniture you intend to buy. From there it should be simple to develop your budget.

3. Implement your plan: If you are moving into a new office or making significant changes to your office space, then you will want to hire you own contractor. A contractor can get the job done better and faster. Sit down with your contractor and make sure your plan is implemented the way you want. Agile workplaces are a new concept, so you may need to work carefully with the contractor to get the job done well.

4. Educate the workforce: After you have designed and constructed your new agile workplace, you need to train your workforce. Let the workforce see the new features offered by this new agile workplace. Set down the rule by which they need to follow. Your employees are sure to enjoy the freedom provided by the agile work environment, but you want to make sure and let them know your expectations.

An agile workplace will have a major impact on your workplace efficiency. If you have any questions about implementing an agile workplace, then contact us.

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5 More Tips When Touring Potential Office Space For Lease

Touring office space for leaseIt is not easy to find the right office space for lease for your business. For this reason, you need to take a tour before you settle on the right one and sign the paperwork. It is very important that you look at several potential office spaces so you can pick the perfect office space for your business!

Here are some more tips to help you when you are touring through the different spaces.

  1. Take your time. Take your time when you are touring a space. Take pictures. You are looking for an office space where you will be spending a lot of time. It is a big decision and you shouldn’t make it lightly.
  2. Check the elevators and the parking. Does everything look up to standard? Are the elevators clean enough? Is there enough parking for all of your customers and clients?
  3. How is security? Do you have to worry about security? Are there keycards or cameras? You might want to check the crime stats for the area.
  4. Ask about getting signage. Are you getting a sign outside? How about the lobby reader-board? Is it included or is there an extra fee?
  5. Be sure to ask about heating and air conditioning. What is the cost? What happens if something goes wrong? What hours are they available? What is the cost for after hours use. How far in advance do you need to request after hours use? Does it cost extra if something breaks after hours?

You should always take your time when you tour potential office spaces. It is a major decision. You should look at the bathrooms and elevators. Make sure that there is enough parking. You should ask about security and the heating and air conditioning. All of these things may help influence your decision! It is not all about the cost of the space.

While it is a significant expense, you need to make sure the the office space you lease or buy is someplace that you and your employees can be productive. Generally, leases are a 3 to 5 year commitment. Going cheap on office space can be a short term gain, but end up costing you a lot in the long run. Make sure you know what you are getting into. A good tenant rep can help ensure you make the best decision. After all, it is what they do everyday.

Contact us to help you find the perfect office space for your business with one of our local tenant reps.

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Tips When Touring Potential Office Space For Lease

Touring Office Space for LeaseFinding the perfect office space for lease can be difficult so it is important to take a tour before settling on one (and signing any paperwork). You need to make sure that you look at several potential office spaces before you decide on which one is perfect for you!

Here are 7 tips to help you when you are touring through office space for lease.

  1. Know what you need in an office space for lease.

    You need to know what is negotiable and what is nonnegotiable when it comes to what you need in an office space. You should know what is really important to you. Have a list of priorities ready before your tour. These may change after you tour, but make sure you have a good understanding of your needs and wants.

  2. Take your leadership team with you.

    It is important to get the feedback of everyone on your leadership team. They might notice something that you may have missed, even something that would make a space inappropriate for your business.

  3. Stay calm.

    It is important to remain calm during the tour. If you are too excited, you may lose the ability to negotiate with the landlord. Wait until you leave to discuss whether or not the office space is appropriate for your business.

  4. Ask about other businesses in the building.

    Are you going to be competing against other similar businesses in the building? Are there others that you would prefer not to be paired with? Any businesses you could work with?

  5. Don’t get emotionally involved.

    Try to keep your emotions out of the equation. Prioritize  what is best for your business.

  6. Take a look at the bathrooms.

    Bathroom maintenance will give you an idea of how the building is maintained. If it is a multi storied building, look at a few on different floors.

  7. Make sure the building can provide the communication connections you need.

    Nothing could be worse than signing a lease and then finding out you can’t get the Internet or telecommunication systems you need.

It can be hard to find the perfect office space, especially if you tour several locations. You need to be prepared. A good tenant rep, like the ones we have at OfficeFinder, will help make sure that you are ready with the information you need to make a good decision.

Contact us to help you find the perfect office space for your business!

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3 Benefits of Third Place Working

Third Place WorkingThird place working is an innovative way to do business. The standard workplace has almost always been known as the office. Third place working involves taking your work to an outside location. These locations can include anywhere from a cafe, a park, a club to coworking spaces or executive suites. The reason behind the term third place working comes from the idea that your home is the first place, your workplace is the second, and an alternate workplace would be known as third place working. These new work environments have some terrific benefits.

3 Benefits of Third Place Working

  1. Promote Creativity. Spending your days in an office building is not always conducive for the creative process. If you were to get outside, see nature, and be able to people watch the ideas may come more freely. It will change your state of mind and open you up to new possibilities.
  2. Close and Cost Efficient. Naturally, any spot you choose will need to be a good match for your business needs. The spot should be close to the office, and will possibly be just a short walk away. If you will be in need of internet access, make sure you are able to connect to a wireless network. Most cafes will offer wireless networks. One of the greatest benefits to third place working is that your chosen location will either be very low-cost or free. Strolling through the park or using a table there is absolutely free. If setting up shop in a cafe, it is suggested to make a purchase. You want the cafe owner to understand that this is a win-win situation. They need to know that you being there contributes to their business, and that you are not just taking up space. Finding a spot that is usable and comfortable will enable you to work more effectively than you can imagine.
  3. Positive Atmosphere. The general mood in such places as parks and cafes is usually a positive one. People choose to be there because they enjoy the atmosphere and conversation. This creates a happy aura about the place, which you will feel. It has been shown that being positive and happy is connected to productivity, as well as creativity. You may also opt to meet clients in the location. This can have some great benefits. It makes you more human. Having a meeting in an office may make a client feel like you have the upper hand. If you meet in a neutral place it levels the playing field. The conversation may feel less contrived and will be more open. This can result in better satisfaction for you and the client. Of course, this may not be an appropriate idea for all meetings. You will be able to judge when it will be most beneficial.

There are many ways choosing third place working can help your business thrive and allow you to become more productive. Third place working is a new way of thinking and moving forward. Give it a try, experiment, and see what works best for you. If you would like guidance or have questions, please contact us.

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Agile Workplace: The Four Zones You Need

Agile workplace FlexibilityIf you have been doing your research about employee productivity, you might have found that offering an agile workplace which includes a flexible workplace where employees can choose where they like to work rather than being crammed in a cubicle or a tiny office — is a great way to increase employee engagement and production. Before you can get started with implementing this type of workplace into your office, however, you have to understand the four main zones that must be present in an agile workplace. Then, you can work on creating these zones, and therefore, creating a better work environment for all of your employees.

1. Focus Zone

Some employees prefer a quiet place to call their own. This is why about half of your office space should be taken up by quiet pods and individual work areas. This is where employees can go when they want to work alone or when they want a place to stash their stuff and gather their thoughts.

2. Collaborative Zone

One big positive about an agile workplace is the fact that it gives employees a chance to collaborate when they want to. To promote this, you’ll need to provide a collaborative zone, or a place where employees can work together in relative peace and quiet. This zone should be somewhat shielded from the rest of the office but should be easy for everyone to access and can include small tables with chairs and group-sized benches or couches.

3. Social Zone

Employees should be able to differentiate break time and lunch time from work time. This means that you should create social zones that encourage employees to chat and relax with one another during down-time, such as a nice break room or lunch area.

4. Meeting Zone

Similar to a collaborative zone, a meeting zone should encourage employees to work together. However, this space should be bigger and should provide opportunities for more formal meetings, such as a conference room with large tables and lots of chairs.

An agile workplace can be the perfect option for improving morale and productivity in the office. It also allows company to react quickly to changing business conditions by not being tied down to specific seating for employees. If you contact us at OfficeFinder, we can help you find the perfect office setting that will allow you to implement an agile workplace for your business.

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Exciting New Skyscraper in NYC Set to Capitalize on Architectural Tech

Earlier this month, an exciting, new skyscraper in NYC in the making, the West 57th Street Tower, captured architectural news headlines, including Architectural Digest. What catapulted the proposed design into the limelight? For one, the building is slated to eventually dominate one of the New York City’s most iconic skylines, Downtown Manhattan. Its exterior is also expected to look like something out of 12th century Europe. It is also known as the “Michaelangelo Tower” (named by the press), or “The Khaleesi” (in-house code-name). Not up on your architectural history? No worries.

Buildings from that era were known to have a number of marked features. For example, they were typically tall, window-filled, stone structures with pointed arches, flying buttresses and vaulted ceilings. Also, many of those same office buildings boasted a great deal of decorative stone work. Oftentimes, it incorporated mythological themes that included griffins, angels and gargoyles.

The man behind the proposed design is none other than Mark Foster Gage. Gage is known for his unparalleled designs and liberal use of computer numerical control, computer aided design software and three-dimensional printing. They’re among the most creative tools currently available in architects’ arsenals. And Gage’s proposed exterior will undoubtedly impact the new, office building’s interior as well.

With 102-stories planned in this skyscraper in NYC, there will likely be many rentable spaces to choose from. However, details on each retail, residential, commercial and mixed use space have yet to be released because the building’s development is still in the early stages. So what should fans of Gage’s work do in the interim? May we suggest renting office space near the proposed structure or other buildings with historic features?


Location: West 57th Street, New York City, Manhattan
Height in floors: 102
Height in feet:  1492
Residential Units: 91
Sky lobby level 64
Resident retail level 64
Structure: concrete
Façade Materials: Limestone tinted Taktl© panels, Hydroformed
Sheet Bronze, Brass extrusions

There are a number of architectural gems in Manhattan and New York City that boast period design elements. To learn more about these existing properties or ones expected to be constructed in the near future, please contact OfficeFinder today. Our local tenant representative can help you find just the right style of office building for your business and their services are 100% free to you.

Happy Holidays to all!

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6 Tips on Creating a Green Office Space

Going Green iStock_000019333165Going green is not just for people. Many offices are becoming green as a way to support the environment. The methods that office spaces use to become environmentally friendly provides benefits to the company including increased productivity, cost savings, and a more inviting work area for employees. By adding a few eco-friendly features to an office you create a green office space.

1. Reduce Waste

Many offices provide paper cups for employees to drink water, tea and coffee throughout the work day. Although this is convenient, it all creates a lot of waste on a daily basis. A better way to be green is to supply employees with reusable mugs that they can wash every day. Another option is to have employees bring in their own mugs or cups for beverages.

2. Recycle

Every office should have a recycling bin for the discarded soda cans, cardboard boxes, glass bottles and other refuse that can be recycled.By setting aside these items for recycling, your office helps to reduce reliance on the dwindling natural resources.

3. Add Plants

Greenery in an office provides a few benefits. For one, plants improve indoor air quality by absorbing toxins. The plants and tress in an office also bring nature indoors. The aroma and sight of the plants helps to reduce stress during a hectic work day.

4. Use LED Light Bulbs

Offices spend a lot of money on lighting. One way to reduce energy costs is to use LED light bulbs. These bulbs are long-lasting, durable and energy efficient. LED bulbs are an alternative to the traditional incandescent or florescent light bulbs that you have to replace frequently.

5. Lower the Thermostat

Most of the winter energy bills are due to heating the office. Your office can cut down on heating costs by lowering the thermostat a few degrees and asking employees to wear sweaters or layer of clothing.

6. Buy Energy-Efficient Equipment

When it time to replace old printers, copiers, or refrigerators in the break room, buy an Energy Star rated model. Energy-efficient appliances and office equipment use less energy, so electricity costs are lower.

By making a few changes, you can create a green office space that helps your company, employees and the environment. A green office space also improves your public image with customers and can brings in new business. To learn more about locating office space for your company, contact us today.

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Keep Employees Engaged and Productive With the Right Workplace Strategies

Engaged employeesThere are a lot of great ways to keep your employees engaged in the workplace, but one way that often gets ignored is office space. How employees use their space, how convenient it is for them, and how much they like that space, can all affect their state of mind when it comes to feeling engaged and accomplishing goals. Developing the right workplace strategies can have a significant effect on your bottom line.

Fortunately, there are workplace strategies that make the best use of office space and help employees enjoy what they do, so they can get the job done. One of these strategies is to consider the layout of the office space. To determine whether your office space is right for employee engagement and productivity, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does the office space flow?
  • Do your employees have to move back and forth a lot to do their job?
  • Are employees able to reach what they need from their work station?
  • Is there wasted space that could be better utilized?

The answers to those kinds of questions will help you see where your office space is falling short. In some cases, there are changes you can make that will help your employees. In other cases, you’ll see that it’s time to move to an office where your employees can feel more engaged and productive.

Listening to what your employees need and want can help with that transition, since the new office space will need to provide employees with more than they have in the current space. Moving offices takes time and effort, and you want that time and effort rewarded by a higher level of engagement from all of your employees. That leads to getting more done, which leads to more success for your company as a whole.

Are you ready to get inspired on how to use your workplace space to keep employees engaged and productive with he right workplace strategies? Please contact us and let us help you find the perfect office space for your company.

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3 Affordable Ways to Create a More Exciting Office Space for Employees

Excited employee If you offer a great office for your employees to work in, then you can draw in the best job candidates. Plus, employees are more likely to stay where they are rather than applying for other job positions in other companies if they like where they work.

This means that creating exciting and attractive office space for employees should be a big priority for your company, even if you have never focused on it before. This does not mean that you have to spend a huge budget on expensive furniture and decor. However, taking a few steps to create a better work environment can be well worth its while. Here are a few very affordable ways to upgrade your office that will keep employees happy:

1. Use Bright Colors

So many offices are boring, neutral and unattractive. These types of workspaces can be boring and depressing for employees. There is no reason to keep it neutral when you can bring in color instead. Consider painting your walls in bright colors and adding bright decor into the office. Not only will it help spark more creativity and happiness among your employees, but it’s sure to look more attractive for your customers as well.

2. Change the Lighting

Who likes working in fluorescent lighting? Consider swapping out your fluorescent lighting for more attractive lighting options. Also, consider adding multiple layers of lighting, such as by using floor and table lamps. Then, different employees can tailor their lighting to suit their preferences and needs.

3. Add Some Life

Consider bringing some life into your office building to liven things up and make the place a lot less depressing. Fish tanks and live plants are easy to take care of and can give your office space a lot more appeal.

As you can see, making your office space more exciting and appealing for employees is easier than you probably think. If you need help, contact us at OfficeFinder, LLC to find the perfect office building for yourself and your employees.

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