Convenient Office Space in Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

Convenient Office Space in Cincinnati
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If your company's Cincinnati office is in a home (home address on business cards), it lacks power for business development. If your company's office is in leased space, it has periods of excess/inadequate space, equipment and staff. Build your company's office from these resources:

Location Choose a location that is well known, easy to find and compliments the quality of your company. Use Downtown, Blue Ash & Kentucky as needed. Workspace Decide if your employees need dedicated or as-needed workspace. Decide if workspace will be a desk, workstation or office. Rightsize! Phone System Give customers a knowledgeable person to talk to. Give your employees a number so customers are not calling their personal cell numbers. Mail Room Have someone there when a delivery arrives. Have your company fax number and company email address monitored. Meeting Facilities Select size and accessories. Have a receptionist cater lunch and greet late-comers. Join people in other cities with web & video conferencing.

Office Markets Served
OH - Cincinnati

Office Rental Terms Available
Virtual, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly

Dress Code
Business Casual (no jeans)

Conference Rooms
Small conference room (less than 8 people), Medium conference Room (9-16 People)

Kitchen and Food Amenities
Kitchen, Microwave, Refrigerator

Office Building information
Type of Office Building: Class A Highrise (20 - 39 stories)

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