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The Benefits of Office Space for Rent or Lease in Houston's Westchase Business District

It features a beltway and is close to the downtown area of one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation. Is there a wonder major companies like Philips and Chevron are calling Houston's Westchase Business District their home?

Westchase is known for its suburban feeling, but it packs a power that is beneficial for many companies across industries. If you're looking for office space in southwestern Texas, it might just be the right spot for you.

Don't just take our word for it. Instead, consider these benefits of renting or leasing your office space in Houston's Westchase district before browsing the available listings below.

Proximity to a Desirable Downtown

When renting space in Westchase, you're within 35 minutes of any part of downtown. That means conducting business in Houston is easy from this location, which becomes a significant advantage once you consider the benefits that the Space City has to offer.

More than two million residents share Houston as a home, and that doesn't even count major selling points like the NASA headquarters. Houston is the export capital of the United States, surpassing New York City in 2013. There is major business to be done here.

A location within Houston also offers plenty of access to a highly talented workforce. Houston has been named the best city for college graduates, and it's home to universities from the public University of Houston and its 44,000 students to the most selective university in the nation, Rice.

Recruiting becomes a natural fit in this kind of city, and offices in Westchase allow you to recruit without any need for relocation. In fact, if you want to stay local, the income level in this district is 6% above the city's median, and more than 500,000 people live within 5 miles of Westchase.

Plenty of Networking Opportunities 

You don't have to go downtown to find major companies to network and interact with. Some major employers have made a home in the Westchase Business District:

ABB Group

Bank of America

BMC Software


Phillips 66

Dow Chemical

Office Depot


Jacobs Engineering

And that's just a selection. The diversity of companies and industries represented here is a great benefit to organizations of any industry looking for good company as they plan their move.

You might be working with some of these companies already, which means that leased office space in this district makes the collaboration that much easier. Or, perhaps you just want to exchange business ideas and expertise. Either way, good company in Westchase makes this market more attractive from a number of standpoints.

Major Transportation Capabilities

Access matters when you move your offices to Westchase, and not just when it comes to moving towards the downtown. In addition, the district allows access to four major highways to get you throughout the state:


West Sam Houston Tollway

Westpark Tollway


Through these access points, you can get two both of Houston's major airports within 40 minutes in either direction. Of course, the district has access to Houston's metric system for employees without a car.

Business is becoming increasingly mobile, and chances are you will need your teams to travel at least on occasion. Access to these major infrastructure points becomes a core selling point as you look for the right location to lease your office space.

Recreational Opportunities for Your Employees

It's not just about work, of course. Any modern comfortable needs to take measures that ensure it remains desirable for its employees, and the location of the office itself becomes an inevitable part of that equation. What's around you can influence just how much your employees enjoy their time with your company, and how likely your top talent is to stay for longer.

Fortunately, Westchase has plenty to offer in that regard. The district itself has 13 daycare and school options for growing families. A local farmer's market is a destination for residents of surrounding districts. Meanwhile, a 4-mile long network of interconnecting trails is perfect for both fitness enthusiasts and those just wanting to get into summer shape. 

It doesn't end there, of course. Dozens of restaurants include both the signature steak and tex mex, as well as more exotic options like a ramen bowl. For the shopping enthusiasts around us, 2 million square feet of retail space are just waiting to be explored. And of course, the proximity to downtown Houston comes in handy when considering employees more interested in the urban nightlife.

A Safe Community to Live and Work

Safety is important, both for your employees and the company itself. It has to play into the equation of whether or not a major move to a newly leased office actually makes sense for your organization.

Fortunately, Westchase is one of the safest districts in the larger Houston Metropolitan area. Regular patrols by police officers and cameras at major shopping centers re-assure both renters and residents. For your employees, it will be important to know that nearly two-thirds of the Westchase District's apartment communities have earned a Blue Star Distinction, more than any other area of Houston.

  That safety matters. Employees tend to consider it among the most important considerations when finding their dream employers. When you lease office space in Westchase, you can count on it as a benefit throughout your recruitment and retention initiatives.

Finding the Right Office Space in Westchase, Houston

In short, Westchase Business District is a perfect opportunity for any company looking to lease office space in our around Houston, or Texas in general. But of course, finding the right location is only part of the equation. You also have to make sure that you can find the right office space for lease in Westchase to benefit your organization.

That's where we come in. Use our search tool below to find office space that meets your needs, budgets, and requirements. Or, contact us to start the conversation. Whether you just want to learn more about Westchase or the leasing process in general, we can help you make the right decision for your business.

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