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Our 360° x 180° spherical panoramic online tours create a viewing experiences where you receive an experience that is as close as possible to the actual experience of being at the place where the tour was shot.

Our interactive 360° virtual tour will allow you to move right, left, up or down through each of the panoramas to get a true visualization of the area in which you want to tour in crystal clear high definition. Just like you would do if visiting in person. One of the big benefits, when it comes to buying, is this will allow you to preview the properties of interest prior to physically going to the site; saving you tons of valuable time.

You can view a property in a much easier way than through traditional still photography or video. You can interact with the virtual tour and have control over what you look at; just like a personal visit to the site.

If a photograph is worth 1,000 words, a virtual tour is worth 1,000 photographs


Because a virtual tour makes a location easier to understand, prospects are better informed. Properties have a virtual open-house 24/7 without the need for you to arrange appointments. You can visit them whenever you choose; day or night. It provides you more confidence to make a decision and saves your time traveling from one location to another allowing you to avoid ones that are not suitable for your purposes. When you do actually come to visit the property, you will have a higher likelihood of being able to make a decision because you have already seen it.

Our listings that have a 360° tour are identified with our 360 badge 360 Badge

Where to get your virtual tour

We provide virtual tours for office space and other commercial real estate properties at very affordable prices throughout the US and Canada. Visit our virtual Tour website at or call us at 425-391-8900 for more information. We do both Google virtual tours or custom virtual tours throughout the US and Canada.


Where to find OfficeFinder’s 360° Interactive Office Space Virtual Tours

You can find our office space virtual tours on the following Local pages. They will be located near the top of the listing for office space on the page.

Available On Google Maps Business View

Google Trusted Photgrapher

As a Google Trusted Photographer, we can also post virtual tours to Google Maps to help enhance search engine recognition for your business and to allow Google searchers to view your property directly on Google.  An example from Google is below.

Most buildings with executive suite or coworking spaces will also have conventional office space available, too. Contact our Tenant Reps to help you with them.

Here are a few examples of virtual tours on OfficeFinder.
Click on the them to view their tour

Bellefield Office Space in Bellevue Virtual Tour
Bellefield Business Center, Bellevue, WA
Meadow Creek Business Center Virtual Tour of Office Space in Issaquah, WA
 Meadow Creek Business Center Issaquah, WA
ThinkSpace Business Center Virtual Tour of Office Space in Redmond, WA 
ThinkSpace Redmond, WA 
1700 7th Ave Virtual Tour of Office Space in Seattle, WA 
1700 7th Ave Seattle, WA 
14205 SE 36th St Virtual Tour of Office Space in Bellevue, WA 
Eastgate Corporate Center Bellevue, WA 
201 Mission St San Francisco office space Virtual Tour 
201 Mission Street San Francisco, CA
One Market St Virtual Tour of Office Space in San Francisco, CA 
One Market Street San Francisco, CA

How does it work?  

 We actually go to the office location and take a series of 360° x 180° spherical panoramic photographs using high end photographic equipment. We will typically choose 8 to 12 different locations both within the office and of other important locations; such as the exterior and lobby. Here is where it starts to get complicated. For each of those locations we will take between 30 and 50 shots at different exposure levels to be able to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs which have both the bright and dark areas of each scene. It allows us to create an image that is similar to the one you would see with your eyes. 

After the photographs are taken, we process them using high end software to stitch and blend them together into 360° panorama photographs, correct and boost the colors and lighting, then create the virtual tour.

What is included in a typical custom tour?

  • Up to 20 Interactive 360° Panorama scenes
  • Branding to your company
  • 100% Mobile Friendly
  • Interactive Hotspots to create a virtual walk-through
  • Navigation Controls to allow intuitive control of the experience
  • Scene control to easily move from one scene to the next
  • Buttons to allow you to get more information or schedule a tour
  • Logos and links
  • Easy customization into your website

Pricing available at our virtual Tour website at or call us at 425-391-8900 for more information.

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Google Trusted Photgrapher