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New Executive Suite Office Space Marketing Video Service

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We have found a new and interesting video marketing offering for executive suite owners called Alliance Spaces. The offering was created on the premise that independent business center owners have a need for low-priced, creative and engaging videos -- rather than the standard virtual tour -- to stand out from both large and small competitors. 

With online marketing competition heating up, more and more executive suite providers are turning to video to tell their story, and most are doing it in the form of a virtual tour, a staff interview or sometimes even a client testimonial. All these are great ways to market office space, but in order to stand out and engage prospective customers, a different approach may be in order.

Regus, the largest global operator of executive suite space is well known for their effective marketing campaigns, and they have recently been focusing even more on video campaigns. And Alliance Spaces videos can be great tool in the arsenal according to Frank Cottle, a collaborator in the Alliance Spaces offering: "Alliance Spaces Videos can help independent operators stand out from the rest and compete effectively in the online arena against both large and small competitors. On top of that, we offer it on a subscription basis that allows a very competitive price. Essentially, a single center operator pays about $750 per video."

You can visit Alliance Spaces to learn more.

Take a look at St. Rose Executive Suites’ video, a subscriber to the services:

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Facebook generation will kill traditional offices, says Microsoft

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Study suggests home working and hot-desking will become the norm

The social-networking generation will rely on mobile technology, remote working and 'pop up' offices to get their jobs done, according to a new study backed by public sector think tanks and the Institute of Directors.

The focus of corporate IT departments will shift from supporting dozens of workers in a single office space to facilitating home-based and remote working, and ensuring that staff in temporary, shared offices can get the job done.

"Companies will be a bit more aggressive with how much office space they need," said David Coplin, national technology officer at Microsoft, which contributed to the report.

"The savings in the short term will be around office space. At best 55 per cent of office space is used at any one time, leaving 45 per cent unused," he told Computer Weekly. "That is 45 per cent of your office costs."

The study suggests the companies will benefit from allowing staff to use online collaboration tools and social networks to carry out their work. Knowledge-sharing and collaboration will be made easier by the knew generation of cloud-based computing services and communications networks.

"There is a message here for organisations that block tools like Twitter at the firewall," said Coplin. "You can't do that any more because you are restricting people's activity. Be confident in your security and let go a bit of your control.

"We have talked for a while about the death of the desk phone. Now we are talking about the death of the desk. Its not just about working from home. There are compelling reasons for working from a variety of locations."

Source: Telegraph

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Volcanic Eruptions Lead to a 230% Increase in Video Communication in the UK

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April 23, 2010 - Regus, the world’s largest executive suite provider, has seen a 230% increase in video communication over the last week in the UK, helping to alleviate the problem of displacement and enabling business to continue as usual.

Since the situation began last Thursday, demand for virtual meetings has been unprecedented. Across Europe week-on-week demand increased by 180%, whilst on Monday calls to Regus call centres were 450% above the daily average.


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Rise in Video Conference Bookings Due to Volcanic Ash in Europe

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Officing Today 4/20/2010 - News sources across the globe are reporting on the disruption of so many businesses due to the cloud of volcanic ash over northern Europe that has forced the closure of all airports in the UK, France and Germany. Businessmen stranded away from home or unable to fly to meet colleagues have been beseiging business centres in airport cities like London, Edinburgh  and Manchester  looking for conference airtime. With all the unexpected and very long delays in getting to or from the UK and Europe, business people are turning more and more to the services offered by the serviced office industry.

Executive suites giant Regus reported a 38% rise in bookings for its video conference facilities as a result of delays due to the volcanic ash. Serviced office companies everywhere are opting to use video conference facilities to hold meetings, conduct business and keep things going as normally as possible during this challenging time.

Business centre companies should take a lesson from this experience and start promoting videoconferencing facilities to businesses in their area immediately. But why stop at businesses? Radio reports in London this morning featured a woman visiting friends in Tokyo who was told that her airline could only give her a replacement booking on May 1st, two weeks after her due departure. Maybe she'd like to videoconference her family?
Many centres that invested in this equipment have not seen sensible returns from it in the past. Let's hope they don't miss this opportunity to promote the product and get the benefit of the silver lining from this grey cloud.

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Smart Small Business: Turning Fixed Costs into Variable Costs

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What do entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups and freelancers all have in common? In addition to overwhelming stress levels, they share a need to remain financially nimble, which enables them to adapt to today's ever-changing marketplace. When evaluating operational costs against projected revenues, companies can avoid financial traps by scrutinizing fixed costs. Personnel, facilities and goods and services are the three key fixed expense areas that should be addressed.

"Cutting back on overhead expenses is a great way for companies to save money and remain financially prudent," explains Steve Strauss, USA Today small business columnist. "Small businesses often get locked into large, fixed expenses unnecessarily. It's essential to stay fluid as work demands ebb and flow. Business owners often see these expenses as unavoidable or costs that can only be reduced in the long term. There are immediate ways to adjust these expenses to keep businesses afloat and profitable in times of crisis, and as a long term strategy."

Personnel: Hiring full-time employees comes with the added expense of healthcare, 401(k) plans, and other benefits on top of their salaries. When project loads are low, these employees may not be working at capacity, but their related expenses don't adjust accordingly. This equals wasted money. A smarter way to maximize your personnel investment is to hire freelancers.

Independent workers make up 30% of the nation's workforce. And, that number is expected to grow. According to a survey conducted by Regus (LSE:RGU.l), global leader in flexible workplace solutions, in September and August of 2009, 59.6% of U.S. companies expect their use of freelance workers to rise in the next two years. Using freelancers turns your fixed human capital costs into a variable expense that corrects against project requirements as they ebb and flow. Additionally, freelancers are often experts at their craft who offer a higher caliber of work. The Freelancers Union is an invaluable organization that helps businesses tap into the top talent in any given field.

Facilities: Office leasing is often a company's biggest fixed expense. Getting locked into a long-term, traditional lease can be corporate suicide for a small business. In fact, nearly half of all office space sits empty or is unutilized. There's also the added burden of furnishing and maintaining that space. So, what if your office space could scale with your needs much like the freelance workforce suggested above?

Several turnkey options exist that allow companies to pay only for what they use while presenting a professional image and providing a functioning workspace for staff. Regus offers a full range of cost-effective business-ready workspace products including fully furnished, fully equipped offices, meeting rooms with on-site business and administrative support services.

When a physical office is unnecessary, virtual offices allow businesses to instantly gain a market presence with a prestigious, high-profile business address. Support services can also include local telephone answering and mail handling services. 

"Paying for unused, unnecessary office space is like throwing bags of money into a bonfire," said Guillermo Rotman, chief executive officer of Regus Americas. "Small businesses fall into the long-term lease trap all too often. Staying nimble by scaling expenses with projected or actual revenues is essential for any size business, but is absolutely crucial for smaller companies operating on much tighter budgets."

Goods & Services: Businesses no longer have to enter into exclusive, long-term contracts with most goods and services vendors. Negotiating flexible agreements upfront allows professionals the ability to revisit the contracts quarterly and shop for competitive pricing elsewhere.

And, gone are the days when overstock is vital. Just-in-time production and creative storage practices help businesses cut down on inventory overhead. Businesses should pay only for what is needed, when it's needed. What's more, many sub-contractors will ship directly to a customer's clients as necessary -- cutting out the middle man and eliminating unnecessary expenditures.

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