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Tucson’s Office Space Market Has Attractive Options

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Businesses who need to strategically reconsider their office space needs could find an accommodating market in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson has more than 2 million square feet of vacant office space, including nearly 72,000 square feet of attractive vacant sublease space, according to the mid-year 2008 CoStar Office Report for the Tucson market.

At $20.58 a square foot, quoted rental rates are stagnant overall and decreasing in some segments, the report said.

While many businesses have responded to the credit crunch and slowing economy by choosing to remain in their current office space, a wiser strategy is to respond intelligently to changing conditions, said one of our top local reps.

“Even in this bleak economic environment, business owners still need to look for ways to maximize their real estate situation, whether it’s to relocate, downsize or renegotiate leases,” OfficeFinder’s local rep, whose company represents corporate tenants and buyers.

“In reality, no matter what’s happening, businesses still face the need to run their businesses,” said OfficeFinder’s Tucson rep.

We offer and up-to-date profile on the local market on our website.

“We want to provide an accurate picture of what’s happening in office real estate,” OfficeFinder’s local rep said, “so that tenants can make smart decisions.”

OfficeFinder of Tucson assists corporate tenants and buyers in locating, negotiating and leasing or buying business space in the Tucson metropolitan area.

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Minneapolis 2009 Office Space Outlook

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The 11-county Minneapolis/Saint Paul region consistently ranks among the best places to do business in the United States. Three things set it apart: a robust, diverse econonomy, a highly educated workforce and outstanding quality of life. Anchored by the cities of Minneapolis, St Paul, and Bloomington this thriving metro area includes some of the fastest-growing counties and one of the strongest economies in Minnesota.

3rd Quarter 2008 Office Vacancy
The steady rise in vacancy rates – up to 14.1% metro average so far in 2008 -- has already placed downward pressure on rents in most markets. Sublease space returns have increased in the Southwest market and  more space can be expected to become available as the financial crisis and slumping consumer confidence weakens economic growth and forces employers to further slash payrolls

Although the city ranks in the top 15 of US cities for Professional and Business services and in the top 10 for Financial Services jobs we will see a contraction in the financial services sector similar to other parts of the country and slow to no  growth in the other sectors of the economy as the recession continues.  Also state government budget deficits will decrease government funding and related jobs.

2009 Outlook
Our 2009 outlook for the Minneapolis / St Paul office market is moving towards short term softness in corporate growth, increase in vacancies of 5-10% and pricing contraction of 15-20% with net rates for class A in the $14-$16.00 net range.  This market will experience some painful restructuring, followed by stability and moderate growth over the long term. 

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Getting to Big from your Home Office - Part 2

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In the first of this series we discussed the use of a virtual office to help a home office business look big. Virtual offices provide a professional point of contact through which your clients and business associates view your business.

In this article we will discuss a couple of other ideas that can help a small business look larger and help create a more professional presentation to outsiders. 

Get a Website

One of the greatest tools available to all business is that of having a website. In today’s environment it is very difficult to take any business seriously without a professional looking websites.  I know one of the first things I do when checking out a potential business associate or client is to go to their website.  If it looks good, has solid information about them, I am more confident that I am dealing with a substantive firm.  If it looks like it was put together using a template or is a one page wonder, I become skeptical and in many cases won’t go to the next step in developing a business relationship.

Small basic websites are cheap.  There is no excuse for not having a good one.  If you do not know where to go to get one developed, try to find a multitude of both local and offshore web developers. Even after finding a developer, you will still need to put some time into making sure the information you provide them about your company is accurate and complete, but it is worth the effort.

Your website should have at least 5 sections:

  • The home page with your unique selling proposition clearly stated with a call to action
  • An about us page to tell your story
  • A contact us page to tell visitors to contact you with a contact form
  • A product and services page describing your specific products and services and
  • A site map page so that your visitors can see your whole site in one place.

Of course, you can do more, but if you have at least these 5 sections and a professional design, your image will be that of a serious player in your marketplace.

A Big Phone System for a Small Business

Another great tool that small businesses can use is the use of a virtual phone system.  For under $20.00 per month you can turn your phone system into one that sounds and acts like a large office. These systems include:

A Local Telephone number in the city and country of your choice (subject to availability)
Auto Attendant

2 extensions (addition extension available at $9.99 / month)
Day-n-Night Greetings
Dial by Name Directory
Follow Me
Your own On-Hold Message
Call Routing
Call Screening
Live Call Transfer
Voice Mail
Voice messages delivered to your email
Fax Receiving
Fax messages delivered to your email
Send “Talking E-mails”

To find out more, check out the American Voice Mail site.

Just because you are a home based business doesn’t mean you are not serious about your business.  These tips help to show outsiders that that is the case.

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Getting to Big from your Home Office - Part 1


You have your own small business and you are home based. Are you concerned about your image? Do you tell your clients that you work from home? The typical answers are yes and no, respectively. If that sounds like you, what can you do to enhance your image while still being able to enjoy the ability to run your business from home?

Probably one of the easiest and least costly is to sign up for a virtual office. A virtual office is just what it sounds like, virtual.  You won’t really have a permanent office, but you can use the prestigious address of the provider as your own. You will also be able to have access, on an as needed basis, to conference rooms or even a day office on a pay as you go basis. Not only that, but you can also use their  administrative staff to do work for you and only have to pay for the time you use and not have to file any tax forms or provide any other employment related paperwork.

Virtual Offices offer an A La Carte Menu of services. You can get their staff to do your work, have them answer and forward your phone calls and they can collect and even forward your mail. The typical provider has all of the office equipment you could ever need and you can use it, once again, on an as need basis which will allow you to avoid big capital outlay to purchase yourself.

If you have a home based business and want to look big, a virtual office is your answer.

For more information on Home Officing, read The Home Office from Hell Cure.

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Five Ways to Save Money

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I just found an article by INC magazine titled “Insight: Five Ways to Save Money (Layoffs Not Included)” which builds on the Blog post we did on October 21st, “Scary Times” Office Space Tenant Guide.”  In the article they suggest five cost saving tips for small businesses which I thought were pretty good. Here is a brief summary: 

Send Employees Home – Savings of around $3,200 per telecommuting employee. Communicating with them is the biggest challenge.

Share Your Staff – Outsource or job share employees with another company to keep valuable employees who might otherwise need to be laid off.

Get Customers to Put Away Their Credit Cards – If you have a lot of credit card sales, you know the 3.2% fee on each charge adds up. Offer perks or rebates for check or electronic debits to discourage credit card usage.

Cut Back on Travel – There are lots of great technological advances that can put you effectively in front of clients or associates in far away places.

Try Do-It-Yourself Marketing – Consultants and advertising are expensive.  One company offered employees bonuses for Blogging about their product in their spare time and it has been a huge success in generating new business.  I guess Blogging is the way to go :-)

Check out the full Article for more.

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