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Renting a Green Office Space Can Increase Competitiveness

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Going green at the office is a topic that has been in the news since 2007. Yet more and more companies are going beyond environmentally-friendly employee behavior and are extending these attitudes into office space rental considerations. The University of Berkeley discovered that that the development of an active environmental policy actually has a positive impact on a company’s competitiveness in the marketplace. How can you benefit from this trend when it comes to finding the perfect office rental for your company?

Green Construction Cuts Down on Operating Costs

The cost savings associated with already installed active solar collectors are not negligible. They greatly decrease the amount of money your company spends on daily electricity. When your targeted office building also falls into the passive solar collection category, you know that its positioning will greatly decrease the need for daytime artificial light usage and winter heating expenditures. A central atrium is a big plus when you look for an office that receives natural light from all sides.

Green Landscaping Reduces Water Costs

When you rent office space, the overall operating costs of the property are built into the square footage price Choose a green building that has environmentally friendly features, which extend to the choice of landscaping. While a nicely manicured landscape provides excellent curb appeal and increases the suitability of the building as an office address, the choice of exotic flora can greatly increase the water costs. Pick an office building that uses native plants in its landscape, which cuts down on the watering cost significantly.

Green Office Space Reduces Employee Absenteeism

Whether you have 10 employees or 100, the absence of even just one worker creates a drain on your company’s productivity. A study by the City of Seattle proves that a decrease of indoor pollutants has made it possible for one company to reduce its absenteeism rate by 40 percent. In addition, productivity went up by 5 percent. When you combine the use of green building technology with the choice of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and companies, it is clear that this is a result your company could imitate.

OfficeFinder, LLC employs a staff of highly-trained tenant representatives who can help you find the right green office space that suits your company’s size and needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you find the perfect office rental.

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By: James Osgood

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Thinking Green when Seeking Office Space for Rent

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It’s March, and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so we thought we’d focus on thinking green today. When you are seeking office space for rent, you might not always remember to consider our environment, but thinking green can also affect your very real costs for heating, cooling, water, etc. So here are some questions to ask and things to consider if you want to think green when seeking office space.

  • Is there any active or passive solar built into the construction of the building? Active solar would be solar collectors for generating electricity or heating water. Passive solar is building construction that takes into account the building’s orientation, so that the sun’s effects (such as heat and light) are minimized in summer and maximized in winter. Buildings that have a central atrium built into them also make a big difference for bringing light into the entire building, thus lessening your portion of the cost to light common areas in the building.
  • If you are looking at a newer building, ask if it is LEED certified. According to the US Green Building Council, LEED buildings lower operating costs, reduce construction waste, conserve energy and water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in cities around the country. LEED certification also is better and safer for tenants, because of healthier indoor environments.
  • Find out if your prospective office building is paying attention to their use of water. Do they have low flow toilets and faucets? Do they have reclaimed or grey water systems? These will take water from sinks and filter it for use in toilets and landscaping.
  • Ask if they are doing anything less common in the area of green building, such as a vegetative roof, which increases insulation and helps filter pollution. (If there is one, find out if tenants can eat their sack lunches on the roof!)

So think green! Contact us and let us know that you would like us to add green factors as a part of our checklist as we help you search for office space to rent. You and our planet will be glad you did!

Getting your Office Space Green

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By: James Osgood

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Creating Your Sustainable Office: From Purchase to Products

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Guest Post

Sustainability is more than a buzzword – it’s a way for your business to decrease its negative impact on the environment while promoting energy-saving and cost-saving practices. According to a study by Deloitte, going green can help you attract talent, increase employee retention, and improve workforce productivity.

Two potential avenues for promoting sustainable practices within your business are your office space and the products you use within those four walls. Purchasing the right commercial real estate and the right office products can greatly improve your level of sustainability. Items such as environmentally printer ink and basic postage meters allow your business to be as green as possible.


Your office building is your business’s single largest financial expenditure – and your biggest opportunity for promoting sustainability, energy-efficiency, and green business practices. Search in your area for commercial real estate that has earned a positive rating from the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program. Besides a positive LEED rating, look for buildings that have the following features:

·         Energy efficiency. Energy efficient buildings utilize renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal. They also have installed high energy performance fixtures, wiring, servers, heating and cooling systems, and appliances. By using less energy, sustainable buildings have a lower impact on both the environment and your power bill. Look for an Energy Star rating on appliances and equipment.

·         Green construction. Building materials that are considered green include renewable materials, recycled products, and materials that are sourced and manufactured locally. These materials should also be non-toxic.

·         Design. Sustainability can be optimized through efficient building design. Large windows and skylights that let in natural light reduce the need for electrical lighting. Good ventilation improves indoor air quality and reduces employee absenteeism. An extensive study by the City of Seattle found that moving to sustainable, green buildings reduced the number of employee sick days by 40 percent.


Another avenue for creating sustainability within your office is through your products. From paper-saving techniques to energy-saving technologies, you can find a lot of room for green improvement when you look at your office with fresh eyes. Consider these products to help you reduce wasted resources – both environmental and monetary.

·         Multi-purpose copiers. Paper is one of the largest sources of waste within your office.  According to the EPA, the US uses more than 71 million tons of paper each year. A multi-use copier with scanning and faxing capabilities can drastically reduce the amount of printing you do in your office.

·         Postage meters. Using a postage meter benefits your office in several different ways. It reduces gas emissions by ending regular trips to the post office – even for packages, which are picked up during your mail carrier’s route. Meters ensure that all of your outgoing mail is stamped correctly, reducing wastage, especially in large direct-mail campaigns. Also, you’ll no longer waste money guessing the postage.

·         Other “green” products. These can range from office supplies made with post-consumer content (including paper and plastic products), environmentally-friendly cleaning products, rechargeable batteries, Compact Fluorescent lightbulbs and Energy Star-rated light fixtures, electronics, and appliances.

When it comes to making your office more sustainable, you have a wide variety of avenues for action. You can focus on making beneficial changes to your office lighting, your heating and electricity usage, your building materials, your office supplies, or your office equipment. Procuring an energy efficient office space and using green products are two areas where changing to a mindset of sustainability can produce widespread positive effects for your business.

Megan Webb-Morgan is a web content writer for B2B lead generation resource, ResourceNation. She writes about small business, focusing on topics such as green business practices. Follow Resource Nation on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, too!

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3 Green Business Tips You Can Borrow from Whole Foods Markets

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"These days, it is important to try to work in green business practices when you’re starting a new business or trying to reinvigorate a current one. Consumers are putting a lot of value into businesses that show that they care about the planet and their communities enough to take steps to better both of them. If you are thinking of starting to lean into sustainable practices, Whole Foods Market is an excellent example of a business that is putting a lot of energy and effort into reducing their carbon footprint.

Here are just a few ways that any business can borrow tips from Whole Foods:

  • Technology like power monitors can help you reduce the amount of energy that is wasted in your office space.
  • Set up a system that will help your employees set up a carpool or support the use of public transportation.
  • Recycle and use recycled paper with a high percentage of post-consumer waste.

Whole Foods also does a lot to invest in alternative energy sources and provide informat

ion to the public about how they are trying to do as little harm as possible while running their business. Does your South Florida area business already do some of these things? Join us on Facebook and let us know some of the innovative ways you are turning your company green!"

Source & Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market via Morris Southeast Group

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Meet Manhattan's 7 World Trade Center - Our Newest Member

We are pleased to welcome our newest Office Business Center member to OfficeFinder. Silver Suites is located in the newest of the World trade Center Buildings to be coming on line this Summer, WTC 7. Located on the 46th floor of 7 World Trade Center,  our Class-A five-star executive suite center will feature 60 pre-built, business-ready offices and multi-room suites of varying sizes, many with breathtaking panoramic Manhattan and river views. In addition, we will be offering a variety of services and amenities, including receptionist and concierge services, state of the art IT infrastructure, fully equipped meeting rooms designed to impress your clients, a beautiful event space and many other professional services. 

Here is a short video on the property.

Find out more

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