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The most Expensive Office Space in the World

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Hong Kong $248.83 per square foot

London - Central (West End): $220.15 per square foot

Tokyo  $186.49 per square foot

Beijing (Jianguomen — central business district): $180.76 per square foot

Moscow: $171.53 per square foot

Beijing (Finance Street): 166.89 per square foot

Hong Kong (West Kowloon district): $158.72 per square foot

São Paulo, Brazil: $144.75 per square foot

New Delhi (Connaught Place — central business district): $140.21 per square foot

London - Central (City): $131.51 per square foot

Midtown Manhattan average only $114.30  per square foot. What a deal!

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Making Your Office Move A Success!

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Have you made the commitment to move your office. You will be surprised by all the little things that need to be done. Make sure and give yourself at least 3 months of preparation planning prior to actually moving.

Start looking for qualified moving companies for executing the move as soon as possible after signing your new office lease. Unfamiliarity with moving process can elevate the stress and anxiety already existing in making move of your office space. Do your research first when you start looking for a commercial moving company. We suggest that you choose a local moving company to execute your move, if you are moving locally or within a state. But for an interstate corporate you must contact a moving company which specializes in conducting such moves. Make sure that they are experienced in office moving. You must check their official website, for client testimonials to get feedback about their work.

Moving is a pain, personal or business, but a little planning can work wonders. Here are a few ways to organize your move successfully.

Plan well ahead for the move

Planning is crucial while moving your business. Make your move as cost effective as you can, as you are already in the expansion and growing phase. Get familiar with the location, where your office will be relocated. You can take measurements of the rooms, to know whether the furniture in the existing office will fit into the new office well or you need to buy new. Make sure that less time is spent while conducting the move, so that your work and productivity does not suffer. 

Hire a well reputed moving company

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration while hiring an office moving company for helping you move. Ask a few questions like:

  • How long your company has been in this business?
  • Do you specialize in corporate moves?
  • Does your quoted rate include cost of packing materials?
  • Do you own your own moving equipment like van and truck, or will you rent it.
  • Do you provide insurance?

Inform your employees at least month before the move. Your employees are the pillars of your company. Prepare them for the move, by informing them about the move as well as the new location, so that they can inform their family about the change. Usually people do not like change, but informing them in advance will help them in preparing for the move. Keep everyone informed to alleviate any worries or concerns.

Assign some employees to be in charge of coordinating the move. Make a moving committee and delegate tasks to your employees who can supervise the moving company while they are packing and loading things. 

With all this in order, you should have a successful move!

About the Author: Author of this article is a writer primarily focusing on moving, storage and relocation related topics and is associated with moving offices in London 

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The Most Expensive Office Location in the World

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According to their annual study of 105 office space markets, Knight Frank reports that London's West End has passed up Tokyo as the most expensive office space in the world. The cost to rent office space in the West End of London rose 31 % in 2010 to £90 per sq ft, nearly $150 USD per sq ft.  By comparison, Midtown Manhattan office rental is less that half of that at $65 per sq ft per year. Slower development and growth in the financial and media sectors has led to a drop in vacancy rates and increase in rental rates.

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The Worlds Most Expensive Markets for Office Space for Lease

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Office space for rent costs worldwideLOS ANGELES, May 05, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- London's West End remains the world's most expensive office market, according to CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc. (CBRE) Global Research and Consulting's semi-annual Global Office Rents survey. Hong Kong's Central Business District (CBD) has risen to second place pushing Tokyo's Inner Central to third place. Mumbai is now in fourth position on the list while Moscow remains in fifth in the CBRE rankings, which tracks occupancy costs for prime office space in 176 cities around the globe.

Office occupancy costs measured in U.S. dollars are affected by changes in the dollar's value versus the respective local currency. Hence, office occupancy costs when converted into U.S. dollars are driven by both the local market dynamics of supply and demand, as well as currency changes.

"We have found that currency fluctuations play a big role with regard to where markets rank in the top 10 for office costs," said Dr. Raymond Torto, CBRE's Global Chief Economist. "However, the 'most expensive club' still includes the usual names -- London, Hong Kong and Tokyo."

The report also found that on a year-over-year basis, global occupancy costs are searching for a bottom, with the markets monitored revealing a collective drop of -4.6% worldwide over the 12-month period ending March 31, 2010. Larger markets experienced a slightly greater decline of -6.4%. The majority of markets (133) experienced a decline, with 33 of these markets registering double-digit percentage-point drops in office occupancy costs. 53 markets experienced annual increases in occupancy costs, generally smaller markets affected by quality shifts in key market assets...

... North America is led by Midtown New York, which posted an office occupancy cost of US$64.51 per sq. ft. While office occupancy costs in Midtown New York are high for North America, that market ranked just 26th globally.

North America saw a below-average decline of -3.3% (year-over-year), making the region the third weakest with falling occupancy costs in 51 out of 77 markets. The largest declines were in Calgary CBD (-24.9) and New York Downtown (-19%).

Top Ten Most Expensive Markets
(In US$ per SF per annum)              US$/SF/annum
  1.) London West End, United Kingdom     182.94
  2.) Hong Kong (Central CBD)             153.20
  3.) Tokyo, (Inner Central), Japan       143.99
  4.) Mumbai, India                       125.76
  5.) Moscow, Russian Federation          125.10
  6.) Tokyo (Outer Central), Japan        118.41
  7.) Paris Ile-de-France, France         113.23
  8.) London City, United Kingdom         110.07
  9.) Dubai, United Arab Emirates         108.92
  10.) Sao Paulo, Brazil                  100.00


Bloggers note: It is interesting to see that the major US office space leasing markets are no where close to the top ten in office space rent costs. Midtown Manhattan is only just over 1/3 of the cost of number one London office space rental rates. The other interesting location in the top ten is Mumbai, India, still nearly double the cost of Midtown Manhattan.


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