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How to Decide on the Right Place for your Office Space

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When it's time to expand your business and set up an office location, one of the most important choices you face is where to locate your office. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right location to set up your office, and much will depend on the type of business you own. Before you look for the right office space, here are some things to consider to help you decide on the right place for your office location.


Obviously, the cost of buying or renting your office space is going to have to be within your budget constraints.  But there's more to the cost of doing business than just the monthly rent on the office space.  It is important to thoroughly research the taxes and regulatory situations in your desired location. What are the sales and income taxes and how might they affect your business? What about regulatory requirements - are they excessive or is this area business-friendly? If you plan to locate your business in the US, you can find out how individual states ranked with the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council on policy measures and the various costs that impact small businesses.

Your Customers

Your business location needs to be where your customers are and be conveniently located for them. Consider traffic, parking and whether or not the area invites foot traffic.  How visible will your busines be in that location? 

Your Employees

Even if your type of business doesn't require customers to visit your location, you will have employees. Consider where your employees will be coming from, whether or not there will be a pool of qualified candidates for job openings and whether they will be able to easily commute to your location.

Other Businesses in the Area

If your business depends on attracting new customers, then the types of other businesses located near you is important. Consider what other retail and service businesses are in the area, what type of customers they draw, and whether or not they compliment or compete with your business's offerings. 

Once you've chosen the right place for your business to operate, contact us.  Whether you are looking to lease or to buy, we can help you find the right office space for your business venture.

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By: James Osgood

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Making Your Office Move A Success!

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Have you made the commitment to move your office. You will be surprised by all the little things that need to be done. Make sure and give yourself at least 3 months of preparation planning prior to actually moving.

Start looking for qualified moving companies for executing the move as soon as possible after signing your new office lease. Unfamiliarity with moving process can elevate the stress and anxiety already existing in making move of your office space. Do your research first when you start looking for a commercial moving company. We suggest that you choose a local moving company to execute your move, if you are moving locally or within a state. But for an interstate corporate you must contact a moving company which specializes in conducting such moves. Make sure that they are experienced in office moving. You must check their official website, for client testimonials to get feedback about their work.

Moving is a pain, personal or business, but a little planning can work wonders. Here are a few ways to organize your move successfully.

Plan well ahead for the move

Planning is crucial while moving your business. Make your move as cost effective as you can, as you are already in the expansion and growing phase. Get familiar with the location, where your office will be relocated. You can take measurements of the rooms, to know whether the furniture in the existing office will fit into the new office well or you need to buy new. Make sure that less time is spent while conducting the move, so that your work and productivity does not suffer. 

Hire a well reputed moving company

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration while hiring an office moving company for helping you move. Ask a few questions like:

  • How long your company has been in this business?
  • Do you specialize in corporate moves?
  • Does your quoted rate include cost of packing materials?
  • Do you own your own moving equipment like van and truck, or will you rent it.
  • Do you provide insurance?

Inform your employees at least month before the move. Your employees are the pillars of your company. Prepare them for the move, by informing them about the move as well as the new location, so that they can inform their family about the change. Usually people do not like change, but informing them in advance will help them in preparing for the move. Keep everyone informed to alleviate any worries or concerns.

Assign some employees to be in charge of coordinating the move. Make a moving committee and delegate tasks to your employees who can supervise the moving company while they are packing and loading things. 

With all this in order, you should have a successful move!

About the Author: Author of this article is a writer primarily focusing on moving, storage and relocation related topics and is associated with moving offices in London 

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OfficeFinder's Guide to Office Furniture

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Advances in technology and increased feature sets have made the process of selecting office furniture for your business a much more complicated and difficult task than it has ever been before. Your office furniture will be one of the first things visitors notice that helps to develop their perception of your company, so you want it to look as good as your budget will possibly allow.

Also your employees rely on their office furniture to support them in their daily tasks. By selecting good quality office furniture that looks good and fits ergonomically, you are promoting happier, healthier employees who can do their jobs more efficiently. That ultimately may translate into more profits for your business.

Office furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, for all different uses. Your options for office furniture range from inexpensive stacking chairs to systems furniture costing thousands of dollars. Should you select high-end ergonomic desks and chairs for your employees, or would systems furniture (cubicles) be a better option? Should you spring for a fancy, solid wood conference room table, or would a laminate model be a better way to go?

Some of these questions will be answered in part by the information gathered in your space plan, and from your employees. Others will be determined by closely consulting with your office furniture provider. This Guide to Office Furniture is designed to provide you with the information you need to help select the right office furniture provider for your business.

Guide to Office Furniture (PDF)

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Guide to Hiring and Using Virtual Assistants

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As a small business owner, your prime objective is to make money. Did you know that by attempting to perform every task related to the operation of your business yourself, it may be costing you up to 40% in lost revenue?

According to statistics by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the average small business owner spends up to 40% of his or her time on routine administrative tasks. Track your time for a week and see how many hours you are spending on unproductive, time and energy draining busywork - many owners find the 40% figure to be a conservative number!

According to most business experts, approximately 80% of your time should be focused exclusively on performing activities that create the most value and profits. The more time you can spend planning, strategizing, marketing, networking, and creating and delivering your revenue-producing products or services, the greater your business will grow and profit.

The demand for services from Virtual Assistants has seen a steady increase in recent years as business owners seek ways to run and grow their businesses using support services that are flexible and cost effective. Virtual Assistants can offer many benefits but it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate those that are reputable from those that have set up to make easy money without the relevant experience, skills, or systems to do the job effectively.

But in what may ultimately be a wonderful addition to your business, there are some things to know and consider before working with a professional Virtual Assistant.

Guide to hiring and using Virtual Assistants (PDF)

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Guide to Credit Card Processing

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The world of merchant services can be confusing, especially for businesses who have never accepted credit cards for payment before. Consumers spend over 140 billion dollars in online purchases annually, and while some businesses could not survive without accepting credit cards for payment, for other companies there is more of a question as to whether these services are required.

If you are selling directly to consumers, accepting credit card transactions gives your customers a more convenient method of payment than cash or checks, which will in turn help to expand your customer base.

Accepting credit cards can also be beneficial for businesses who experience challenges with cash flow, as payment funds are usually transferred into your account within a week. Obviously, if you will be selling products over the internet, the ability to accept credit cards is required.

We hope this guide has helped to inform you about the features and functionality available today in credit card processing technology, which will ultimately help you to select the right provider for your company’s requirements.

Guide to Credit Card Processing (PDF)

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