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Weekend Reading - Recent OfficeFinder Tweets

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OfficeFinder #OfficeSpace News is out!  Top stories today via @OfficeFinder

Is Office Space a Thing of the Past? | The Commercial Observer 

Assigning an Office Space Lease - what you need to know » OfficeFinder Blog 

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too – Achieving the Delicate Balance in Negotiations 

Thinking Green when Seeking Office Space for Rent » OfficeFinder Blog 

RT @nuwire: US Housing Market Supply Up: Real estate research firm Trulia reports that the number of available homes for s......

Downtowns: What's Behind America's Most Surprising Real Estate Boom - Forbes 

Rethink Your Office Design: Designing a More Effective Workspace | Entrepreneur Magazine

Startups - Focus On Your Team, Not Your Space » OfficeFinder Blog 

5 Things to Clean in your Office to Alleviate Stress 

Rentable vs Useable Square Footage - clearing up the confusion 

I understand that there are some markets that require the existing Ethernet cable in the office be disconnected (cut) before transfer. Make…

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing an Office Space 

10 Office Space Terms You Should Know 

China's real estate bubble - 60 Minutes - Big trouble on the horizon for China Real Estate 

Regus and Shell launch city-wide workhubs in Berlin 

OfficeFinder #OfficeSpace News is out! …

Superhero office - a company that encourages its employees to dream big and be happy

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By: James Osgood

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Office Space Tweets from OfficeFinder

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Improve Job Satisfaction with the Right Office Cubicles » OfficeFinder Blog

Workplace Trends 2012 Report is Out!

OfficeFinder News Post is out! ? Top stories today via @conciergelevel @vicuspartners @davidshipley @loosecubes

Process: Office Space Leasing or Renting; How to

30 Leasing Tips in 30 days - Advice to help you level the playing

Startup Rates Surge in the U.S. and Abroad - Businessweek Good news for the economy

World Trade Center project won't be finished until 36 years after 9/11

16 Cool Coworking Spaces |

@elliottdotorg Thanks for your help getting our YouTube account back after having it unjustly suspended! Impressive

Think Outside the Cube: Why the Office Isn't the Best Workspace - Forbes

Want you office to go GREEN? Eco Friendly Office tips

Proposed 3 WTC of Eighty Stories - image

3 WTC is the incredible shrinking building 3 WTC Could Cap at Seven Stories rather than planned 80 stories

Most expensive homes in the Silicon Valley

OficeFinder News Post is out! ? Top stories today via@stipjohn

General Procedure on Office Space Leasing or Renting

Trump international hotel offers $15k hotel anniversary package in New York

Is a virtual office what you need? Find out here ->

Office Space Calculator for All Company Sizes

Are You an Accidental Lead Killer?

 How much office space for this? How much office space for that? Office Space Standards and Tenants' Rules of Thumb at

The Costs and Benefits of Office Design The goal of your design should be to win the best functioning space to work in.

The Incredible Offices of McCann-Erickson by OpenAD - Office Snapshots I'm not so sure I could work there...

By 2015, workplace utilization is expected to increase from levels currently 35 to 50 percent to 85 percent

Compare Executive Office Suites $$ Versus Conventional Office Space $$ Non-Biased!

Commercial Real Estate Markets Continue Long, Slow

Is Google plus Your World Having Antitrust Issues, Or Just Regular Trust Issues?

The Office Of The Future – How about technology being our new office?

Is the Cubicle is on its way out …

Quick Look: Ebay’s New San Jose Offices - Photos

OfficeFinder News Post is out! ? Top stories today via@socialmoxy @spectrum_ent @stipjohn @officespacesuk

How Google's Social Search Shift Will Impact Your Brand's It just keeps getting harder to get found...

A Quick Overview of Stop Online Piracy Act— Will It Pass? Hope not! Enforcement is without due process

Designing Eye: The home office. Four ways to make it -- and you -- more productive, happy and sane.

CBRE Reports a Strong Start to 2012 for US Commercial Real Estate

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Twitter Week in Review

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Online real estate brokerage Redfin scores $14 million

OfficeFinder News Post is out! ? Top stories today via @Payscout

How Millennial Are You? I'm a 52, almost my age.

The Evolving Workplace – How to Meet Expectations of Millennials at Work

Join & Tweet for $25 OpenDesks Workspace Credit! @Opendesks

Seven Tips for Marketing a Business with Video

Third place' work culture becoming popular

What type of business environment fosters INNOVATION? What characteristics??

OfficeFinder News Post

Startup Success: How 7 Top Angel Investors Do Business

What to do with a Tough Commercial Lease Negotiation OR Why you need a Tenant Rep

The Best Way to Introduce Yourself

OfficeFinder News Post is out! ? Top stories today

Big SEO Changes: 2009-2011

Inside Coworking: Jenifer Ross of W@tercooler Hub @Opendesks Blog

RIP Google Buzz

Simplify your life. Share large files and always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2.25GB account is FREE

The 5 Words That Kill Potential Sales

Lessons I’ve learned over the two years of blogging about commercial real estate

OfficeFinder News Post is out! ? Top stories

What's Driving Change in Workplace Design via @CoyDavidsonCRE

Coming Soon – CoStar and LoopNet Integration

How Energy Needs to Impact Your Commercial Real Estate Decisions

Three Million Jobs Could Return to the U.S. from China

OfficeFinder News Post is out! ? Top stories today

Hong Kong most expensive city to rent office space

Where You Do Your Work Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Official Google Blog: Google Apps highlights

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OfficeFinder Twitter Update - Our Best Tweets

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The Best of our Tweets (so far) in September.  

 I Don’t Work for Free — the truth about leasing commissions 19 hours ago 

9 Strategies for Selling Smarter 19 hours ago 

As price falls and performance rises, LED lighting becomes increasingly attractive to building owners 12 Sep 

9 Strategies for Selling Smarter 12 Sep 

Virtual offices 2.0 by Cloud Virtual Offices 10 Sep 

A Quick Guide to Google Docs 10 Sep Here is a good article on making cold calling easier. "Few elements of a sales career are more challenging than... 9 Sep 

Can Working Virtually Increase Happiness? 9 Sep 

Financial Demand for Office Space Is Steady Amid Job Cuts 9 Sep 

Servcorp Wins With IT, Virtual Office Focus 9 Sep One of the reasons I started .com way back in 1995 is that I hated making the call (cold calling) and... 9 Sep 

10 real estate markets with largest 5-year drop in home values 6 in CA, Phoenix and LV and 2 in surprises. 9 Sep 

How Do We Find Office Space For Our Clients? 9 Sep 

California is requiring that all new office buildings be net-zero energy structures by 2030 9 Sep 

REI Guidepost: Discover Outdoor Adventures Near You 8 Sep 

Four Ways to Green Your Office Washroom 8 Sep 

Regus stock rockets - a takeover target or a Short Squeeze from good reuslts? 8 Sep 

tenant security needs, balancing technology and people, avoiding surprises, security costs and ROI 8 Sep 

Top 5 Reasons Why Brokers Should Make the Call 8 Sep 

Mobile workers still need physical meeting space 8 Sep 

20 Things NOT to do on a Sales Call 7 Sep 

LEED, Liability, and You - a multitude of potential disputes 7 Sep 

The Incredible Shrinking Office Space – Fact or Fantasy? 7 Sep 

Top 10 Viral Video Advertisements of All Time 7 Sep 

Security pros call them office creepers – thieves who walk into buildings, steal unsecured valuables, and stroll out 7 Sep 

13 Ways to Make Your Office Space More Efficient 6 Sep 

Should Your Business Rent or Buy? 6 Sep 

Designing Your Work Space for Productivity 5 Sep 

RT @coachmikeblaine: Good luck to @AROhoops (my son) and@windex_24 as they begin their professional careers in Denmark this week! 2 Sep 

Where You Do Your Work Doesn’t Matter Anymore 2 Sep 

Office Space Tightens, Remains Uneven National CBD vacancy is at 15%, while national suburban vacancy is at 20% 2 Sep 

Economists React: ‘Disturbing’ Way to Start Labor Day Weekend WSJ stagnation in payroll employment 2 Sep 

Cashing in on rental property The bright spot in the real estate market

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This Week's OfficeFinder Tweets

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Commercial Real Estate Data Indicate Broad Improvement in US Office Market
15 Jul

When Good Enough Isn’t – Life choices via @richardfarr
15 Jul

Create A Personalized Infographic Of Your Twitter Behavior With The Twitter Visualizer
14 Jul

The Future of the Workplace
14 Jul

LEAN Construction Eliminates the Wait everyone is on board and openly communicating
14 Jul

Integrating Generation Y into the Workplace by a Generation Y author
13 Jul

What a waste of money - Executives, on average, spend less than 20 percent of a typical day within their offices.
13 Jul

RT @ClickAdvisors: Want Netflix DVDs and Streaming? That’ll Be $16 a Month  a 60% increase. Yikes!
12 Jul

Thanks to @ClickAdvisors our new office space request form increased conversion rate from 4% to 11% - Miracle workers! 
12 Jul

The new normal... June 2011 Real Estate Forum had a few interesting tidbits regarding our future economy … 
12 Jul

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