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Big Trouble on the Horizon for China Real Estate & Economy

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I found this 60 Minutes replay video very disconcerting. While it may be a little more focused on housing, there is an impact on office space in China and potentially the world economy. It looks like China may be in line for a big financial crisis. China's real estate bubble will probably cause big trouble for China Real Estate and their economy. How will it effect the world economy? Just as we think we are getting out of our slump? Will China's problems and their holding of US debt lead us into another slump. I certainly hope not. Four years has been plenty long enough.

By: James Osgood

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Tools for Managing Your Mobile Workforce

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The trend toward mobile office spaces where workers conduct business in whatever location is convenient is changing the entire world of business. Technology helps mobile work possible with great tools to allow managers, workers, clients and all the key players to stay in touch constantly, just as if working from the traditional office space. Staying on top of the latest software tools can make all the difference in developing a successful virtual or mobile workforce. Some of the best tools currently available include:

Google Drive (Docs): From Microsoft Office comes a truly great tool for sharing data in the mobile workforce. Anyone with a Gmail account can access this great tool without signing up and it costs nothing. Non-Gmail users can sign up easily, too. This tool allows storage of document that can be edited by the owner and access flags can allow others to read or edit the data. A colored cursor provides the ability to follow changes made by another person and the editor’s name is included above so everyone working on a document, spreadsheet or presentation can know exactly what is being changed. Anyone who uses Microsoft’s Office Suite will be immediately comfortable with this great tool. There were more robust tools out there, but this is the easiest, fastest way to transition into the cloud as an office space.

Free Screen Sharing: A great meeting tool from Free Conferencing allows you to host or attend sessions where desktops are completely shared only selected items are shared. The meeting host picks which items or applications to share and which they prefer to hide during their live meeting. A “take back control” lets the host allow another presenter share their screen during the meeting and the chat function lets the host and participants send private online messages during a live meeting. This is a very practical and easy to use meeting and screen sharing tool that is free to get started with.

GoToMeeting: This platform, from Citrix Online, is great for small companies to use as a tool to get everyone together in a virtual office space. Up to 15 people can meet, record, share the screen and communicate easily. A corporate version accommodates up to 25 people. It is not the prettiest tool but it is very easy to use, even for novices. There is a per-user monthly charge but it does offer very affordable virtual office space for mobile workers to collaborate.

WebEx Meeting Center: Cisco has given this nomenclature to the umbrella given to their large array of online collaboration and meeting applications. The Meeting Center allows both hosts and meeting participants to keep multiple meeting-related data elements such as documents or spreadsheets on screen at the same time and they can be moved around and resized as desired. This adds a lot of power to this collaboration tool. This tool does require some learning to use it effectively but it is affordable and allows up to 25 members in a virtual office space at one time. 

Office365: With Office 365, you can get your work done securely and communicate real-time from almost anywhere to anyone. Combining Office with Office 365** unlocks the full potential of Office 365 as the best solution for productivity, collaboration, communication, and worry-free IT. Office365 is a cost effective way to move your business to the cloud!

Skype: Probably the best know and least used businesss tool available for mobile working. Includes telpehone, video, messaging and file sharing.

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By: James Osgood

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Coworking - How coworking is changing how and where we work

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Here is a good  video that explains what Coworking office space is and why people choose to locate there.

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How Office Space Design is Changing to Promote Flexibility

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Here is an excellent overview of how the office space workplace is changing and what features are being added to accommodate a more flexible workplace. A by-product is that companies won't need as much space for their employees and the employees will be happier.

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World Trade Center Update - Memorial Ready for 10th Anniversary

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The World Trade Center Memorial Plaza is ready for the 10th Anniversary of the Tragedy. A Must See Video!


Check out the WTC Progress channel on YouTube




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