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An Office Rental Can Help Your Business Grow

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There comes a time for every start up business where you need to make a jump from a hobby to a full fledged company.  This could be anything from expanding your marketing base to hiring more employees.  The biggest step you can take, however, is deciding to rent a small office space to help your company grow.  By getting a small office space, you will not only be putting your company in the position for further growth, but you will also be able to look more professional to potential clients.

Potential Growth

Getting a small office space for your business is the first step to larger growth overall.  It is taking something that you started and have been running out of your house and putting it into the real world where real business takes place.  Ultimately, it is the best for you and your company when you reach the right stage.

Looking More Professional

Nothing looks more professional than running your business out of a nice looking office space as opposed to your home.  Working from home has some advantages, but looking professional is definitely not one of them.  If you want to be percieved as a threat to other people in your line of business, getting a small office space is a great start.  Potentialy clients will certainly begin rolling in and your business will begin to thrive from it.

There are lots of affordable options for you to choose from: the standard conventional office rental, an executive suite or even a virtual office. Any of them would help your company in  looking more professional

In the end, getting a small office space for your company could be the shot in the arm needs to get to the next level.  Whether it is because you cannot maintain it out of your home anymore or because you want to look more professional to potential customers, getting an office space is the right move.  If you would like to look into some office spaces, please contact us.

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By: James Osgood

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How to Get into a New Market with the Help of a Small Office Rental Alternative

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So your business is booming, and you know it’s time to expand into another city. It could be 100 miles down the road or anywhere in the world. While you would like to operate out of the home office, you may have grownout of it and know it’s not a good use of your employees’ time to drive back and forth all the time, plus your business needs a presence in that city in order to drum up business.

This is where small office rental alternatives are very helpful. While small start up businesses might find coworking or virtual offices a good fit for their needs, this situation would seem to call for the rental of an executive suite. Businesses often set up branch offices in executive suites, also known as office business centers. Here are some reasons why this option would help focus your expansion:

  • Executive suites are run by an operator, who handles the day to day operations of the office. This means that, as with any rented office space, a backed up toilet or elevator breakdown is not your employee’s problem. They can focus on holding meetings and making connections in this new city.
  • Executive suites come with many of the standard office features you need for a professional look and experience: a shared reception area with receptionist, well equipped conference rooms, coffee and food service available, and both incoming and outgoing mail handling.
  • There is also the option for furniture and equipment rental, which minimizes your financial commitment and outlay to the new branch office until you are certain that it will be successful.
  • It is well understood in the industry that these arrangements are meant to be a shorter term, transitional type of arrangement, and successful businesses often shift from executive suites into their own office space. This means no worries over long term space commitments when you are assessing the viability of branching out. In other words, you have more flexibility in managing your office space.
  • Most executive suite operators also offer virtual office plans that will alow you to use thier address as yours and provide you as-needed office and conference room access.

So contact us today and let us know which city you are itching to branch into. We will help you find that perfect executive suite for this important transitional effort.

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By: James Osgood

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Office Rentals Lead To Success

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Working from home, or telecommuting, is growing in popularity. But having an actual office, or at a minimum a virtual office, is a path that can lead to greater success.

After all, is there a better place to meet clients? It is simply not professional, at least for most businesses, to have clients meet in the living room. And while coffee shops or similar places may be nice, they just don't match the professionalism of an office.

That means you just might need to consider an office rental.

  • An office offers a professional atmosphere, enabling workers to be extremely productive. At home, it is really hard to be productive or to make those sales calls when a child in the background is throwing a temper tantrum. And the office presents another benefit -- it allows your home to be your refuge.
  • Most people work better when they dress for success. It is much easier to dress professionally when going to the office, and too easy to dress "comfortably" when working out of the house.
  • It is a lot easier to walk down the hall and speak to a co-worker, than to call them up or send an email and wait for their reply. So an office can speed up the flow of information you need to be effective. 
  • Co-workers or office-sharers can keep you from the social isolation felt by so many at-home workers.

Fortunately, there are office options availble for almost every kind of need. If you need office space, please contact us.

By: James Osgood


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When You Need Office Space Rental ASAP

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It’s something you never thought would happen—though you did purchase insurance, just in case. Your office is gone—whether due to fire, flood or other natural- or human-made disaster, you no longer have an office to call home. In the midst of all the phone calls, paperwork, and 3 a.m. worry sessions, you know that, to get back on your feet, you need to find office space rental, and you need it now—whether long- or short-term.

Whether you are looking for something to tide you over until your old office is repaired, or you need a new office suite to call home, OfficeFinder is your key to success. We specialize in finding just the right type of office for you, whether in the center of the action downtown, or in that particular suburban zone where your business has become known over the past half a dozen years. When you start with our online search, you know you are placing your office search in professional hands. Plus our service is free!

Another option we provide is virtual office space. Perhaps, at this point, the destruction of your office has left you a bit gun-shy about committing to another office space, but you need to make certain that customers can contact and meet with you. Our virtual office space arrangement includes phone reception and/or forwarding, as well as space that can be rented by the hour for those critical client meetings. We even have administrative support and standard business equipment available for your use. This innovative solution could be the answer you need to keep your business functioning while your old office is renovated—or you could discover that you like the flexibility so much, you have no desire to return to a traditional office.

Whatever your situation, whatever your timing, we can help you find the office space you need, so contact us and check one big item off your post-disaster checklist.

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By: James Osgood

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Tools for Managing Your Mobile Workforce

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The trend toward mobile office spaces where workers conduct business in whatever location is convenient is changing the entire world of business. Technology helps mobile work possible with great tools to allow managers, workers, clients and all the key players to stay in touch constantly, just as if working from the traditional office space. Staying on top of the latest software tools can make all the difference in developing a successful virtual or mobile workforce. Some of the best tools currently available include:

Google Drive (Docs): From Microsoft Office comes a truly great tool for sharing data in the mobile workforce. Anyone with a Gmail account can access this great tool without signing up and it costs nothing. Non-Gmail users can sign up easily, too. This tool allows storage of document that can be edited by the owner and access flags can allow others to read or edit the data. A colored cursor provides the ability to follow changes made by another person and the editor’s name is included above so everyone working on a document, spreadsheet or presentation can know exactly what is being changed. Anyone who uses Microsoft’s Office Suite will be immediately comfortable with this great tool. There were more robust tools out there, but this is the easiest, fastest way to transition into the cloud as an office space.

Free Screen Sharing: A great meeting tool from Free Conferencing allows you to host or attend sessions where desktops are completely shared only selected items are shared. The meeting host picks which items or applications to share and which they prefer to hide during their live meeting. A “take back control” lets the host allow another presenter share their screen during the meeting and the chat function lets the host and participants send private online messages during a live meeting. This is a very practical and easy to use meeting and screen sharing tool that is free to get started with.

GoToMeeting: This platform, from Citrix Online, is great for small companies to use as a tool to get everyone together in a virtual office space. Up to 15 people can meet, record, share the screen and communicate easily. A corporate version accommodates up to 25 people. It is not the prettiest tool but it is very easy to use, even for novices. There is a per-user monthly charge but it does offer very affordable virtual office space for mobile workers to collaborate.

WebEx Meeting Center: Cisco has given this nomenclature to the umbrella given to their large array of online collaboration and meeting applications. The Meeting Center allows both hosts and meeting participants to keep multiple meeting-related data elements such as documents or spreadsheets on screen at the same time and they can be moved around and resized as desired. This adds a lot of power to this collaboration tool. This tool does require some learning to use it effectively but it is affordable and allows up to 25 members in a virtual office space at one time. 

Office365: With Office 365, you can get your work done securely and communicate real-time from almost anywhere to anyone. Combining Office with Office 365** unlocks the full potential of Office 365 as the best solution for productivity, collaboration, communication, and worry-free IT. Office365 is a cost effective way to move your business to the cloud!

Skype: Probably the best know and least used businesss tool available for mobile working. Includes telpehone, video, messaging and file sharing.

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By: James Osgood

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