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Next up, Cloud Officing

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A new concept in officeing. Cloud Officing is similar to Cloud Computing in the technology arena, Cloud Officing is all about making an expensive infrastructure available at a reduced cost under a utility model. The idea is to provide a low overhead workplace solution, on a hosted, pay-per-use, and ubiquitous basis. One of our OfficeFinder Members is among the first to offer this new service. They have proven the concept with a grid of 14 locations in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, which is expanding in partnership with landlords. The company has plans to deploy and manage thousands of on-demand locations around the globe and will start expanding out of its initial Northern California market in the middle of this year.

According to them, the average amount of time a worker is physically present in a dedicated office ranges between 25% and 40%, which is a waste of an expensive asset since facilities and corporate real estate costs represent the 2nd largest expense in most corporate books. This utilization ratio can even be worse for sales people or customer service-related professionals. The need to slash occupancy costs, along with a desire to reduce carbon footprint by bringing the workplace close to where people live, are driving corporate interest for alternate means of officing.

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