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Get Away from the Kids by Trying a Summer Rental of Office Space

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So summer is here, and the “livin’ is easy,” right? Not really. Unfortunately, the living is only easy if you’re not trying to work out of your home office in the midst of a house full of kids on summer vacation. While the idea of starting a business in your home was a great idea in the silence of winter, the distractions are many and your ability to concentrate is evaporating as fast as your patience in the summer heat.

What can you do? We suggest that you try out the rental of office space for the summer. Fortunately for you, there are an increasing number of small office alternatives out there, and we can help find the right one for you.

One cost effective option is coworking. In this scenario, the office setting is generally sparse and functional, and the focus is on community and collaboration. While there will sometimes be conversations going on around you, it’s easier to listen to music on your headphones and tune them out when none of them is tugging on your sleeve to get your attention as your children are while you’re trying to read this blog. You might discover, like many who use this type of setting, that the positive working energy of the people around you can help focus your own endeavors. You can arrange to try it out for a couple of months without making a long term commitment, in order to see what this low cost option has to offer. You could well discover that you’re even more productive in this setting than you would be on your own at home, even in the silence of winter.

If you fear you would still be distracted by the conversations and coworkers around you, you can always try an executive suite for the summer. These are individual offices with shared utilities, receptionist and meeting space. In this scenario you would have a room to yourself, allowing you all the privacy and silence you need to get your work done. Again, it’s perfectly possible to negotiate a few months’ trial period, which would get you through the summer months of chaos at home.

If you are ready to find out more about these appealing options, contact us today to discuss your particular needs, and we’ll find you a place where the work space, if not the living, is indeed easy.

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By: James Osgood

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