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Google Green - It is a priority

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It is great to see large corporations like google embracing Embracing Green.

Find out more by watching the video

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The Next Office Trend... Bench Desks?

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Is this where we are headed in office space furniture design?

"Within the design community, of which I represent, the current vogue is the concept called "benching". The concept presumes that removing or lowering panels engenders collaboration. It further presumes that facing a person sitting on the opposite side of a table puts each of you in a collaborative position. All of these table linked in a line becomes a bench. Every manufacture of office furniture has embraced the idea and has proliferated a myriad of beautiful designs, each slicker than the next." David Austin Murray, EdgeDesks

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New York Office Space Market Overview

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New York office space can allow you to open operations in one of the prime markets in America. Whether you already have a business and are seeking to lease a larger office or are expanding into the New York City area, you’ll find this is truly the “city that never sleeps”.

New York City is comprised of the five boroughs. Manhattan is one of these but there’s also Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Together, these make up the Greater New York City Metro area. Manhattan is often thought of as the heart of the city and houses the financial district.

New York offers the widest variety of cultures and potential markets of any U.S. location. There is a need for services and products of every possible type in this huge metro area.

Reports from early 2011 show that the Manhattan office market is sound and up slightly from last year. There is still plenty of available office space for lease, comprised of every possible office type from serviced suites to traditional storefronts. Rent remains stable but with vacancy rates, there may be a little room for negotiation.

South Manhattan’s leasing in the final portion of 2010 outshined any period in the last five years and this trend has continued into early 2011. This portion of the central market offers over 65 million square feet of space and 12.5 million are available for rent at most any given time. Rent is averaging in the low $40 per square foot range, slightly up from last year.

The outer boroughs are just as healthy but prices are lower. There’s always a premium involved with leasing office space in the center of Manhattan, so if your service lends itself well, you might consider locating in the boroughs.

New York is a dream place to live. There’s always plenty to do and see.  There are communities of every culture from around the world and you’ll find great educational opportunities for your children. While traffic congestion can be frustrating, New York has the best mass transit system available and taxis are affordable.

Housing in Manhattan is hard to find and very costly but there are tons of housing options in the boroughs from traditional homes to studios. Whatever type of housing you love, you can find it in the New York area. Older properties that have been restored have a special charm but ultra-modern housing is also readily available.

Overall, New York office space for lease can give your employees a great place to work and a unique area in which to live. Raising a family in the NYC area lets a parent offer much more than most areas. You’ll join the millions that already say they love New York.  You can find help locating the right New York office space for rent by contacting OfficeFinder, a free service to help you in your office location process.

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What Makes a Great Workplace?

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Ask any professional who spends lots of time inside an office space to describe exactly what makes a workplace great rather than simply average and you will hear some very interesting answers. Some of the responses refer to the people in the office workplace while others focus on the attributes of the commercial office space.

 A few of the issues that consistently come up when discussing “people issues” of a great workplace include:

  • The luxury of performing work that is personally satisfying
  • Working for a great boss who believes in empowerment
  • Respect for varying work styles, and
  • Freedom and flexibility

 Rachel Permuth-Levine, PhD, MSPH is Sr. Director and Health Behavior Theorist at Sodexo, an office supply firm in the Washington, DC area.  She moderates a group about workplace experience where she posed this Question of the Day (QotD) recently: “What attributes make a workplace FANTASTIC instead of just "average"?” We found two of the respondents have extremely revealing and valuable input.

Jose Luis Sanchez-Concha, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management Consultant working in Spain said, “There is one commercial statement from my company that I have taken and changed a bit: "Is not about the workplace, is about what you can do in it.” His input incorporated three important factors that help make a workplace great:

  1. DESIGN - not just some colors here and there and some kinky/funny stuff around... design need to say something about the company culture, needs to reflect its identity and make people feel that they are part of something greater. A known example is Google; it is fair to say that they have actually reflected who they are in their spaces.
  2. SERVICES - "If it is not going to be great, then please don't do it"... that is the feedback from one user when we were defining some of the services for a new office in Germany (in the particular case, a fitness centre). We call it "first-choice" services: people drinking their coffee in the company cafeteria because (it) is much better than that fancy cafeteria across the street.
  3. TECHNOLOGY - Seamless connectivity  where people can access to information in real time, without worrying about firewalls and protections, true wireless environments, not the usual minimum range, and technology that truly enables people to make the best work possible.

 Tim Springer, Chicago metro area researcher and consultant for high performance workplaces provided these seven criteria:

  1. SPATIAL EQUITY: Workspace provides adequate privacy, daylight, and access to views for all.
  2. HEALTHFULNESS: The workplace is free of harmful contaminants and excessive noise.
  3. FLEXIBILITY: Workspace (that) can be quickly and inexpensively reconfigured to accommodate organization, work process, and technological changes.
  4. COMFORT: People can adequately adjust their personal working environment – including temperature, lighting, acoustics, and furniture – to meet their needs.
  5. TECHNOLOGICAL CONNECTIVITY: There is good communication and information access among distributed co-workers.
  6. RELIABILITY: Building, security, computer, and telecommunication systems provide reliable service with minimal disruptions.
  7. SENSE OF PLACE: The workplace has a unique character, enabling a sense of pride, purpose, and dedication for both the individual and the workplace community. 
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