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Washington DC building height limit to change?

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As vacant land disappears and real estate prices soar there is a movement to make changes in the height limits to allow developers to build taller buildings.  The current law limits building heights to the width of the adjacent street plus 20 feet. There have been several exceptions to allow for construction of the National Cathedral and Georgetown University Hospital. Otherwise, the Height Act has capped most buildings at 130 feet, though heights of 160 feet are permitted on certain areas of Pennsylvania Avenue. (Contrary to popular lore, the city's low-lying skyline has nothing to do with preserving the prominence of the 555-foot Washington Monument's.)


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The “Scary Times” Office Space Tenant Guide

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We queried our network of over 700 local member agents who specialize in office properties to come up with a list of suggestions that may be useful to office tenants. We only chose the most frequent comments and those that we thought would be most useful.

While it might sound a bit self serving, the one suggestion that came forward most frequently was work with an office tenant representative with whom you can consult on action available to your specific situation. It usually won’t cost you anything to have them take a look at your situation to determine what course of action would be best for you to take. In other words, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It may be helpful to consider all of your options. We'll show you what they are. There are quite a few depending on your needs, budget and wants.


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Welcome to the OfficeFinder Blog

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Welcome to the new blog presented by OfficeFinder.

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