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5 Unexpected and Unusual Office Spaces

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Move over cubicles. Step aside neon lights.  What if you could transform your office space into a place that was unique to you yet functional? Whether you work from home and need more room or you just need a change of scenery. Here are 5 unexpected office spaces that will get you rethinking hating Monday mornings.

For those who work at home, converting your garage into the studio of your dream is one of the best ways to not only expand on unused square footage and play off the industrial vibe. Garages aren't just studios for artists or mechanics, in fact they can be converted into a chic space.  Depending on the part of the globe you live on, will depend what types of doors you are going to want to use.  Buying garage doors in Edmonton climate types versus Los Angeles climate types is going to be very different. For a chic look, consider using old barn doors in your garage office space.

Flooring: Concrete flooring is not only in style but it is durable as well.  Although you will want to poor concrete over the existing concrete in your garage (if it's cracked or has oil stains on it).  If you feel concrete alone is a little too stark of a look, add some rugs in order to liven it up.

Beach side
If your company is casual, upbeat, and innovative, then you will have no problem bringing your office to the beach.  Nothing will bring more motivation to the work table quite like having an ocean view to stare at all day.  Set up desks to face outward so that you constantly have an a beautiful ocean view.

Food trucks do it all the time, so why can't you?  If your business is internet based and doesn't require you to be in one place all the time why not take it mobile--literally? IF you have client meetings, why not come directly to them? You can even convert your moving size truck/van into a complete office with a table to have meetings in.  Picture motor home meets trailer.

In summer months some innovative companies choose to bring their offices outdoors.  If you live in a climate that doesn't melt you away during the summer like the desert, build a canopy like outdoor creation just outside your office.  Complete it with wireless access and wireless devices such as tablets or laptops in order for everyone in your company to maintain efficiency.

For those who don't have the financial capabilities that many unique office solutions require, why not convert small spaces into a wonderful office.  If you run a startup company or a company that works solely from home, try converting a space such as a closet into an office space that you can store away.  If you office lacks square footage, simply create small nooks where you are allotted privacy yet space saving qualities.

Guest post by Leslie Mason

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  1. James Harrison Says:
    Well, there are lots of tips for using unusual office spaces. Many people are very worried about their less office spaces. Garage is one of the best place for those who are doing job from home. Also, there are one more choice for office space that is in your personal vehicle.