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Burglar Proof Your Company's Office Space

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According to FBI's Crime in the United States statistics, 26.1 percent of burglaries took place in business environments, especially office space. When a little over 1 in 4 businesses experience burglary, it's time to think about security measures you can put in place to protect yourself, your money and your property. Keeping your office safe goes beyond simply installing a security system.

Secure Your Mail

You might have your office locked up like Fort Knox, but when you leave your mail delivery in an easily accessible location, savvy thieves will be smiling. If your mail drop off is outside of the secured area, thieves can get access to your packages and even worse, your bills. Credit card and utility bills give thieves an easy blueprint for identity theft, leading to plenty of paperwork and headaches for you down the road. You also need to be careful when handling sensitive customer information, as a data breach on your part can lead to regulation issues that can cost you big time. Lifelock explains how keeping aware of your security weak points, developing policy to mitigate the issues, and staying on top of detection reduces the risk of identity theft from burglary.

Is Your Security System Actually Effective?

The last thing you want is to install an expensive security system, only to have it utterly fail when you need it most. Don't let heavy handed business-security sales forces pressure you into making a fast decision on purchasing a system. Each business has specialized needs that prevent a one-size-fits-all solution from applying to business environments. "Expensive and full of features" doesn't matter if the features don't work with your office situation. Redwire reports that one of the main factors driving the type of security system you should invest in is the location and type of business. If you don't have a lot of physical, expensive products to draw in a burglar's interest, you don't need as extensive of a security system. Determine where physical entry points are accessible to thieves and make a note of the lighting conditions around your office. Each insecure entry point needs security monitoring, and if possible increase the lighting outside of the building.

Don't count on external security measures entirely, however. Supplement this with internal security systems such as fingerprint door locks or key card access to deter most burglars who do manage to get past the outer security system. Once you've selected a system, have a third party test its effectiveness before you put all of your trust in it.

Reduce Theft Targets

Most businesses can absorb the loss of some product, but if a thief targets business equipment, you're going to have a harder time bouncing back from that. Reduce the chances that your business suffers a substantial technology loss by securing expensive electronics and technology out of immediate view of the burglar. reports that most burglaries are committed by amateurs who aren't going to want to spend a lot of time in the business office. Use discrete hiding places or safes to secure expensive mobile devices, remove all keys and access cards from business equipment you can't move. Be sure to also keep the truly irreplaceable equipment in rooms with deadbolts, pinned hinges, and other security measures, as highlights.

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