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Companies Can Make Office Space Reflect Their Business

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Many people who have office jobs spend most of their day working and socializing in their office space.  It’s important a company be certain to provide a work environment that promotes a creative and productive atmosphere.  With some effort an existing office can be made comfortable and unique. 

Color Selection

When choosing office space many people are careful in choosing the color scheme.  Research has shown that different colors can create different moods.  Various types of blues are believed to have a more relaxing effect and makes workers more productive.  Green has shown to be easier on the eyes and make people feel healthier. 


Today many companies are utilizing a more open office layout.  One of the most popular ideas is to have a few desks or tables located in the center of the office.  This can be used as a place for employees to sit and work when they need a change from their regular space.  Open floor plans seem to increase teamwork but can become distractions for some workers. 

Standing Opportunity

People who work in offices can often feel the effects of sitting all day.  Many medical experts feel this is actually unhealthy.  Many offices today are providing opportunities to work while standing.  Adjustable desks that can accommodate workers different heights are popular.  Some have even provided table in break rooms where people can stand and have their coffee. 


It is important that any artwork put in an office be chosen carefully.  Many offices have success with featuring pictures of company events.  Also pictures of nearby landmarks or places of notoriety are also effective.  In some cases many companies have benefited utilizing the services of an art consultant. 

Floor Coverings

Many companies carefully choose floor coverings to increase the look of their office.  This is cost effective and can have a positive effect on the work environment.  Many companies like to get as many employees as possible involved with the floor covering choices. 

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By: James Osgood

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