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Executive Office Suite or Coworking Office Space?

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Is there a difference between an executive office suite and coworking office space? You bet there is. According to Frank Cottle, Chairman and Founder of Alliance Business Centers Network, " they are marketing to two different user groups and each using their own mixture of 'people, place and technology' to align themselves with their prospective client groups. A great deal is the 'packaging' as you suggest, but also the manner of service delivery is different on the emphasis of one end or the other on the 'collaboration and community' development issues"

The big difference, as Frank so well put it, is that an executive suite is focused on "facility" while the coworking space is focused on "community" and generally a focused community such as high tech, web development, accounting or businesses with a common thread. Even those executive suites that have networking meeting on a regular basis are still not really a coworking space.

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