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Executive Suite Office Space on EBay?

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Here is a novel idea, get an Executive Suite rental on EBay. Two Las Vegas Area Executive Suites have each placed an office on EBay to allow potential occupants to bid on them.  The bidding price starts at $.99 per month with an initial term of 3 months at the bid price. One executive suite auction has already closed at $279.50 per month, well below the usual price of $600 - $800 per month. Both require security deposits of $400 - $800 to move in. The other one is still open for bidding. This is a very creative marketing idea in a down market.  Depending on whose numbers you use, the office space vacancy rate in Las Vegas is among the highest in the country at around 17%. The hope is that after the new tenant has been in the office for a few months and experienced the office and services provided by the center, they will choose to stay on at a higher price.

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