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Four Generation Workplaces: Why Different Management Styles are Necessary

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For the first time in history, managers are faced with the requirements to effectively manage four different generations in the workplace. The future will likely continue to contain four generations even as those generations move along the timeline of life and business. 

What Generations are Working Today?

According to the Age and Sex Composition from the 2010 Census Briefs compiled by the United States Census Bureau, the generational breakdown of employees and managers today fall into these categories:

1. Veterans born prior to 1946: This group makes up 13 percent of the workforce at the time of the census data collection and reporting in 2010. 

2. Baby Boomers born in the post-World War II years: This group is defined in the reports as those being born between 1946 and 1964 and make up 26.5 percent of the workforce. 

3. Generation X members, aka Gen Xers: This group of workers were born from 1965 through 1980 and comprise 19.8 percent of the , are considered to be the segment born between 1965 and 1980 and make up 19.8 percent of the total workforce today and

4. Millennial or Generation Y, frequently shortened to Gen Yer, is the workforce members born after 1981 through present and total 27.7 percent of the total. 

As time passes and the older generation disappear an additional, a younger generation will come of age so business will find it necessary to remain in touch with the remaining worker generations and develop ways to effectively work with the newer generations. Each generation has its own work style and life style.  Mangers need to understand what they need to do to encourage employee productivity. In the future and right now it is critical to learn to deal with the workers currently in the business world. This is crucial to producing profit and growth in any form of business.  

In future posts, we will look in depth at each work group and how these workers can effectively be managed. 

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