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How to Get into a New Market with the Help of a Small Office Rental Alternative

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So your business is booming, and you know it’s time to expand into another city. It could be 100 miles down the road or anywhere in the world. While you would like to operate out of the home office, you may have grownout of it and know it’s not a good use of your employees’ time to drive back and forth all the time, plus your business needs a presence in that city in order to drum up business.

This is where small office rental alternatives are very helpful. While small start up businesses might find coworking or virtual offices a good fit for their needs, this situation would seem to call for the rental of an executive suite. Businesses often set up branch offices in executive suites, also known as office business centers. Here are some reasons why this option would help focus your expansion:

  • Executive suites are run by an operator, who handles the day to day operations of the office. This means that, as with any rented office space, a backed up toilet or elevator breakdown is not your employee’s problem. They can focus on holding meetings and making connections in this new city.
  • Executive suites come with many of the standard office features you need for a professional look and experience: a shared reception area with receptionist, well equipped conference rooms, coffee and food service available, and both incoming and outgoing mail handling.
  • There is also the option for furniture and equipment rental, which minimizes your financial commitment and outlay to the new branch office until you are certain that it will be successful.
  • It is well understood in the industry that these arrangements are meant to be a shorter term, transitional type of arrangement, and successful businesses often shift from executive suites into their own office space. This means no worries over long term space commitments when you are assessing the viability of branching out. In other words, you have more flexibility in managing your office space.
  • Most executive suite operators also offer virtual office plans that will alow you to use thier address as yours and provide you as-needed office and conference room access.

So contact us today and let us know which city you are itching to branch into. We will help you find that perfect executive suite for this important transitional effort.

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By: James Osgood

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