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Google Green - It is a priority

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It is great to see large corporations like google embracing Embracing Green.

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1 response to “Google Green - It is a priority”

  1. Says:
    in a study just completed by researchers at UC Berkeley and Maastricht University in the Netherlands using data from 25,000 commercial buildings on the CoStar listing site, the authors determined that buildings with Energy Star ratings or LEED certification had rents averaging 3% higher than comparable office buildings in the same market. In 2007 green buildings averaged 7.5% higher, and in 2009 only 5.1% higher … the authors also noted that green buildings might be newer and larger than competitors and thus obtain higher rents. The study is called “The Economics of Green Building” and also concluded that between 2004 and 2009 green buildings sold for about 13% more than comparable properties. This was published in the September 2011 Realtor magazine … of course, to put things in perspective the green building purchased at the height of the market in 2006 or 2007 may have lost half or more of its value regardless of green … and that is a lot of lost green!