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Guide to Office Relocation - Part 2

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Fail to Plan - Plan to Fail

Again, the most important part of of an office relocation is to plan everything out in advance as much as possible. Businesses are about making money, so if your company is not up and operational but rather moving, then you are not making any money. The major goal in an office relocation is to be cost-efficient. One of the ways to achieve this objective is to be time-efficient. The less time you spend relocating, the more cost-efficient the process will be for your business.

In order to save time, make sure you are very familiar with your new location and offices. Know exactly how large the new spaces are. Notice any differences in shapes of the rooms or new furniture. Ensure your old or new desk, chairs, filing cabinets, etc. fit inside your new space.

To make sure that everyone knows their new dimensions, a floor plan should be created before the move. This plan should include, by floor, location of employees, furniture, plants, and whatever else you are moving to your new location.

See that every employee receives a copy of this plan and post them throughout the building on moving day. Being organized before the move will not only reduce the stress for employees, but for the movers as well.

Communicate Openly and Often

Communication one of the most important factors when it comes to office relocation, so keep everybody informed of the exact moving plan, as the fewer questions on relocation day, the better.

Keep in mind the movers will need to be directed exactly where each piece of furniture needs to be placed. If you have many desks that look the same, but belong to certain employees, make sure they know that they need to go in particular places.

One way to facilitate the process is by using colored labels. All of the furniture that belongs on one floor can be labeled a certain color and you can even get more specific if required. Label colors and numbers to each employee, and all equipment and furniture that is being moved. The label needs to be placed in spot that is very easily visible to the mover.The easier and more understandable you make the move to the mover, the faster and more cost-effective the relocation will be.

In the next part of our series ‘Guide to Office Relocation’ - Part 3 we will go over preparing Request For Quotes (RFQ’s) for commercial movers and facilities product and service providers.

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