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How We Help You Make the Right Decision to Get Our Assistance

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I was interviewed a couple of months ago about how we get our visitors to request assistance. Here is the result on MSN Business on Main:

"Getting traffic to your site is just the first hurdle. Optimizing your site so that visitors actually click — and keep on clicking until they become customers — is both an art and a science.

In 2011, entrepreneur Jim Osgood noticed that leads from his website were down about 30 percent for no apparent reason. After determining that the falloff had occurred around the same time that Google had made some changes to its search engine, Osgood, owner of OfficeFinder, a website that generates leads for commercial real estate agents, decided it was time to zero in on improving conversions. After contracting with conversion rate optimization firm Click Advisors, Osgood uncovered other issues beyond Google.

“There were glaring problems with my site,” he says. Those issues included too much text, as well as forms that were hard to find. After several months of work with Click Advisors, which focused on A/B testing of different landing pages and focus groups, the OfficeFinder site doubled its conversions from Google pay-per-click campaigns from 6 percent to 12 percent while reducing the cost per lead by 50 percent..."

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