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Keep Your Office Space Healthy

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One of the normal New Year's resolution everyone makes has to do with their health; lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more and a whole slew of others. How about one for making sure your office environment is healthy?

Making certain your office space is healthy is important to productivity and well being of everyone working in the space. If you are planning to move into a new office space, check for health hazards when selecting a location. Check your present office space to be certain it is a healthy work place.

If you notice a reduction in productivity and increased sickness without any clear explanation, this is a sure sign that you need to carefully check you office workspace for hazards that can be corrected, preventing continuing problems. Perhaps you notice that you seem to be getting “bug” more often than in the past. These are signals which require action to correct.

Here are a few of things to check to be sure your office space is healthy:

Lighting: An office space needs the correct lighting. If employees work in poor lighting, the eyestrain can cause chronic headaches as well as mistakes in work due to inability to read clearly. Lighting that causes eye stress can make you feel tired more quickly and reduce production.

Ergonomic Office Furnishings and Training: You and your colleagues may spend many hours sitting in desk chairs and working at desks. Choosing desk chairs and computer workstations that are ergonomically designed can prevent back problems, repetitive motion problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Working at a computer keyboard that is either too high or too low stresses the shoulder and upper back muscles which can, over a long period of time, cause damage to the body which can result in lifelong chronic pain or require surgery. Employees should attend a class or presentation that presents the best use of ergonomics such as sitting up straight, taking breaks periodically, adjusting chairs to best fit the body.

Clean Environment: Old buildings that have had poor maintenance have proven to develop sick building syndrome that causes frequent illness in humans. Air vents and ductwork should be professionally cleaned every few years to ensure there is no mold. Break rooms or kitchen areas should be kept clean to present illness transfer. Employees should be provided with antibacterial soap and hand wipes in the bathrooms and encourages the use of these items.


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