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Know Before You Rent Office Space: Internet & Phone Service

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Tip #1: Before finalizing your office rental and moving to a new location, call your Internet and phone provider(s) to prequalify the new address for the communication services that you may possibly need and find out the timing for getting the service up and running. The last thing you want to happen is to move into your new office space only to discover your communication services have not been installed.  A company like ours, National ComTel, can search ALL possible providers at no cost and ensure that all bases are covered.  In terms of timing, typically broadband or high speed Internet can be ordered and provisioned in about ten to fifteen days.  A dedicated circuit like a T-1, Ethernet whether copper or fiber if available will take approximately 45 days.

When it comes to your COMMUNICATION needs, proper planning and vision is the key and understanding your needs. What you need today along with the future should be taken into account. For additional information on moving your Internet and phone services, planning,  or factors to take into account, visit our blog for customer experiences, suggestions, what to do and not do etc. Or call us direct at 800-987-0100.

Guest Post from National ComTel

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