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Mortgage Banker vs Fed Reports - Conflicting Message?

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?So we have 2 apparently conflicting reports on the same day.  The Fed survey tells us loans are not loosening for commercial properties and then the Mortgage Bankers tell us that they increased in the 4th Quarter of 2009 over 2008. What's going on?

It seems pretty apparent what is happening, but it could be a confusing to some trying to figure it out. Basically, originations immediately after the crash in 2008 would have come to a standstill, 4th Q 2008 originations would be nil for commercial properties. Everyone was on hold.  Even a very low number of originations in 4th Q 2009 would be an increase. I'd be interested in finding out the numbers for 4Q 2007 and comparing to that. It seems to me to be a PR play by the Mortgage Bankers to have the public believe that they are doing commercial lending.

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