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New Meeting Styles for a New Generation

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Today’s business moves at a pace never before thought possible. Those workers on the way to retirement may have adjusted well to the technology age, but today’s emerging workforce grew up on computers, smart phones and digital communications worldwide.

Economic changes have left some sectors of the business world without the luxury of frequent travel to visit clients. In fact, the tightening of the reins in recent years has caused everyone to find ways to cut expenses without reducing profits in order to survive. The emerging generation of workers will simply not stand still nor do they have patience for the slow methods of commerce of past decades.

Over a decade ago, we first began coordinating meetings with tools like MS Outlook’s Calendar. This helped meeting planners coordinate times, reserve spaces, and communicate agendas more efficiently – as long as all the players updated their calendars.

Now, much of what was done manually and in face to face meetings is handled through newer, more cost effective styles that serve a new generation well. Some of these tools include:

eZ Meeting: Share desktops and applications complete with markup and redline. Instant messaging allows rapid communication and transferring files is easy. One of the higher monthly cost solutions but many users love it for the intuitive layout.

GatherPlace: A robust online meeting solution with low monthly pricing. It even allows guest installations as well as permanent computer assignment. This tool is everything you could want in an online meeting solution.

Skype: With VoiP technology, voice communications anywhere are feasible and the cost is negligible compared with face to face meetings across the world. Use integrated collaboration features or choose to combine with other tools.

GoToMeeting: Share your desktop realtime, record and playback your meetings, generate reports, chat, and much more. Very affordable solution and well liked by loyal users.

Beam Your Screen and Mikogo: This powerful combination will do It all and very easily. This is a powerful solution for large meetings as well as small, intimate online collaborations.

MS Office Live Meeting: Integrated into the latest professional MS Office Suite, you can share multimedia presentations, store and transfer files, chat, and share portions of your screen or entire applications.  This is a very inexpensive solution.

When choosing an alternative meeting solution, take advantage of demos and trial periods to ensure you select a tool that will work best for your needs. Even the most expensive online meeting tools will save your firm tons of money in a very short time and increase productivity. 


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