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Of Aetna's 35,000 employees, 14,500 do not have a desk

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I just read a blog post about a study that Regus has recently done. Interesting fact:

"US health insurer Aetna, a thought leader in the field, has added training courses to the mix so remote workers and their managers can be brought up to speed on effective flexible working methods. Of Aetna's 35,000 employees, 14,500 do not have a desk."

The move towards the Agile Workplace is steadily moving forward. We are starting to see more and more companies embrace remote working. What does this mean to the office space industry? Good question. It can only mean that in the future, assuming this trend continues, less office space will be needed. It does not necessarily mean that we won't see new construction. There is almost always a demand for new product. What I think it may mean is that older buildings will suffer high vacancies and need to find other uses. Only time will tell.

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By: James Osgood

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