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Office For Rent Scams: What To Look Out For

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You simply cannot believe everything that you see. There are people who are out in this world looking to scam others out of their hard earned money. It is a very unfortunate truth and it is even seen in the office for rent market. 

There are some concerns being raised about some of the postings that can be found on the Internet regarding office spaces that are supposed available for rent. It is usually smaller sized office spaces. In these postings, the people advertising the space are offering what seem to be great deals on space when in reality they are just looking to steal a deposit. 

The problem has become so prevalent that the Santa Clara District Attorney's office has released a warning to consumers. From

The rental property scams online are a growing criminal trend, with perpetrators running them from within the county and overseas, according to district attorney's office spokesman Sean Webby.

Some who are on these sites posting about the properties do not actually own the properties that are shown in the pictures, nor do they have the authority to offer them up for rent or accept deposits. It is a scam to its core plan and simple. 

If any poster is asking to have the deposit wired to them, the potential office renter should not do so. Legitimate landlord's will only accept a deposit that is given to them in person on the property that they are going to be renting out to the new tenant. That is one way to check to see if something is a legitimate offer or a possible scam. Anothrer good reason to have an office leasing tenant rep looking after your best interests.

Finally, it is important to check into the owner or manager of the property to see if it matches up with the name of the person asking for deposit money. It is important to do in order to avoid being taken for a ride. 

Contact us if you want to know what else you can do to protect yourself from an office space rental scam. 

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By: James Osgood

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