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Office Space Flooring Options When Renting Office Space

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What do you pay attention to when renting an office? Obviously, the size of the space and the available amenities make a big difference in your decision. Yet the ever-changing world of real estate trends notes that flooring is a new consideration for professionals weighing different office space rental options.

The standard institutional carpeting has been found to wear out too quickly and therefore presents with a raggedy appearance in an otherwise attractive space. Other flooring options do not always adjust well to the emerging green cleaning technologies that many office building managers now embrace. In some cases, the heavy use of a floor may have damaged pre-installed stone or concrete significantly.

It is here that the rental of a new office space calls for meticulous attention to detail. While you do not want to inherit the previous occupant’s flooring problems, consider the financial aspect of redoing a floor to match the look and feel of your business. Stepping into a ready-made space is always a plus.

  • Technology trumps expensive flooring choices. The GLA ALA Leadership Exchange Magazine investigated the changing trends in law office design and noted that expensive parquet floors were now taking a backseat to investments in technology. In short, your business’ financial makeup is a major determining factor when it comes to floor choice or replacement.
  • Contemporary looks replace outdated dark wood. Although wood flooring is a highly-desirable option, it has to be the right type of wood. In the past, dark wood paneling and matching floor boards were considered de rigueur for successful estate planning offices. Modern office designs call for lighter colors that also feature a more streamlined look. 
  • Developers eye environmental upgrades. Efficiency is the new buzzword for office builders, the Urban Land Institute reports. Examples include the use of energy-saving products as well as under-floor air systems that greatly improve the air quality in an office.
  • Cork quickly becomes the material of choice. The World Floor Covering Association identifies cork as a material that not only offers a sleek and contemporary look but also cleans up easily. Moreover, it has a strong resistance to mildew and water. When properly maintained and re-waxed every six to 12 months, cork is supremely long-lasting. Wood and stone are more expensive and are quickly falling out of favor due to warping and dirt absorption issues.

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By: James Osgood

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