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Office Workers Feeling the Squeeze...Literally

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The office space allocated to both executives and the average American office worker has been shrinking. Office workers are literally feeling the squeeze of their reduced workspaces. In 1994 the average office worker was allocate 90 square feet of useable space. In 2010 the figure shrunk to a measly 75 square feet, a 17% reduction. Mid level executives have seen there space allocation go from 115 square feet to 96 square feet. Sounds pretty tight, doesn't it? On the bright side, new technologies and a more mobile workforce allow office workers to spend less time working in their cramped areas and more time outside of their workspaces.

Intel has even reduced the average size per worker even further, using desk sharing and team rooms. The intent is to promote innovation through closer contact with team members. Employees who used to work in a 72 square foot space now work in a cozier 48 square foot station.

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