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Regus Profits up 25% in 2008

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Despite the recession Regus profits rose 25% according to a recent article at in 2008.  Regus, headquartered in the UK, is the largest provider of executive suite space in the world with over 950 location with a total of over 171,000 work stations in 75 countries.

Mark Dixon, the chief executive, said the company's BusinessWorld division, which provides temporary workspace worldwide for business people who work without a permanent office, made more money last month than in the whole of 2008. He said BusinessWorld now has more than 180,000 members across the world.

Mr Dixon said the recession has caused a "fundamental change" in how businesses operate, with even FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies using its offices in an attempt to slash operating costs. The company said it has also witnessed a huge increase in demand for a new range of "recession busting" products, including video conference facilities.

He said the recession has been the "catalyst" in irreversibly changing businesses approach to flexible working. However, he added that the company is not "immune" to the global economic downturn and said "2009 will be a difficult year"


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2 responses to “Regus Profits up 25% in 2008”

  1. Karen Warner Says:
    Very interesting that Regus continues to do well in this economy. They definitely have their act together with their product offerings and wide-range of locations. The first Regus in Boise opened a little over a year ago and they are now virtually full while other executive suites are down-sizing.
  2. James Osgood Says:
    If you think about it, where are all those unemployed executives going to go? No new jobs, so they have to take things into their own hands. An executive suite or virtual office is a great option. Lots of flexibility and affordable.