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Rise in Video Conference Bookings Due to Volcanic Ash in Europe

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Officing Today 4/20/2010 - News sources across the globe are reporting on the disruption of so many businesses due to the cloud of volcanic ash over northern Europe that has forced the closure of all airports in the UK, France and Germany. Businessmen stranded away from home or unable to fly to meet colleagues have been beseiging business centres in airport cities like London, Edinburgh  and Manchester  looking for conference airtime. With all the unexpected and very long delays in getting to or from the UK and Europe, business people are turning more and more to the services offered by the serviced office industry.

Executive suites giant Regus reported a 38% rise in bookings for its video conference facilities as a result of delays due to the volcanic ash. Serviced office companies everywhere are opting to use video conference facilities to hold meetings, conduct business and keep things going as normally as possible during this challenging time.

Business centre companies should take a lesson from this experience and start promoting videoconferencing facilities to businesses in their area immediately. But why stop at businesses? Radio reports in London this morning featured a woman visiting friends in Tokyo who was told that her airline could only give her a replacement booking on May 1st, two weeks after her due departure. Maybe she'd like to videoconference her family?
Many centres that invested in this equipment have not seen sensible returns from it in the past. Let's hope they don't miss this opportunity to promote the product and get the benefit of the silver lining from this grey cloud.

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1 response to “Rise in Video Conference Bookings Due to Volcanic Ash in Europe”

  1. Jim Says:
    Demand for video conferencing facilities from Regus in UK and across Europe hit an all time high last Friday (16th) due to the grounding of flights across northern Europe.

    Video conferencing across the UK spiked by 108 % due to business travelers opting for alternative means to proceed with planned international meetings.

    Facilities in Aberdeen, Manchester, Edinburgh as well as Gatwick and Heathrow received the highest demand as stranded travellers sought methods to maintain 'business as usual'.

    Regus is expecting further high levels of enquiries for video communications as businesses strive to maintain international business communication during the on-going aviation crisis