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Sample OfficeFinder Twitter Postings

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From 8:05 am Pacific

If we can get all OfficeFinder members following each other. Wow what a community and what a great resource!

To start buidling your following, add OfficeFinder Follower to yours. Click on Followers on the upper right, the the follow button on each.

Just announced our Twitter micro-blog on our Blog Is that a circular argument or what?

@cfives5 Build a Twit following Are U famous? Who to connect with? See for ideas.

Ran across tips at on getting organized. Good stuff. From @karenwarner

@karenwarner check out

Sunday is a great day to get things done without interruption to allow Monday to be more productive!

@CornerstoneProp Startup businesses are tough clients to rep. I hope they have really strong financials. Good luck.

Our new email campaign is the OfficeFinder's Recession Buster - Tips and Tools to help you generate more revenue and save money.

A successful email campaign requires segmentation of your list to ensure that ur message is relevant - 200 sf and 5k sf have different wants

@cfives5 I am a follower. Looking forward to sharing ideas.

@BusinesSuites My first OfficeFinder follower. And fast.. Thanks.

Will our 750+ members use Twitter to follow our activities? We will see.

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