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The Next Office Trend... Bench Desks?

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Is this where we are headed in office space furniture design?

"Within the design community, of which I represent, the current vogue is the concept called "benching". The concept presumes that removing or lowering panels engenders collaboration. It further presumes that facing a person sitting on the opposite side of a table puts each of you in a collaborative position. All of these table linked in a line becomes a bench. Every manufacture of office furniture has embraced the idea and has proliferated a myriad of beautiful designs, each slicker than the next." David Austin Murray, EdgeDesks

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1 response to “The Next Office Trend... Bench Desks?”

  1. Phyllis Messerrla Says:
    Amazing; I had Japanese clients in the early 90's that already worked that way for that very reason. Better collaboration and tendancies to talk with each other about ideas. They laughed at us behind traditional desks then and I'd guess still are.