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Three to Four Year Office Market Recovery?

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- The outlook for jobs became a bit less bleak with January's unexpected decline in the unemployment rate, which fell to 9.7 percent from 10 percent as more people said they had jobs.

Still, Friday's unemployment report showed just how deep the job crisis remains. The government now estimates 8.4 million jobs vanished in the Great Recession, and economists think the nation would be lucky to get back 1.5 million of them this year. And they say it will take at least three to four years for the job market to return to anything like normal. <End>

Not particurally good news for the office market. Employment is directly related to occupancy. If the econimists are correct, it means office space occupancy will take three to four years to return to normal vacancy rates in the 8% - 12% range.

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