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Virtual Office Demand Increasing

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Over the past year the office space industry, OfficeFinder included, has seen a significant increase in the number of businesses looking for  virtual office space. Estimates are anywhere from  30% to 50% more than during the same period last year. Much of it is believed to be related to the economy. In particular, both businesses looking to save money and unemployed professionals setting up their own low ovewrhead home based business. A virtual office allows a business the opportunity to cut costs while maintaining a profession business image at a prestigious business address. While no office space is actually rented, most programs do allow virtual office clients to rent office or conference rooms on an as needed basis for a discounted price. The price range for a virtual office is usually between $60 and $300 perr month depending on the services used and the market.

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  1. Adonai Says:
    Informative post about virtual office. I agree with the information's which you have given above. Now a days all most all the business people especially small business are interested in the virtual office. I too kave a small business from home. I am using a virtual office and virtual services I am receiving all the benefits of a large,fully staffed office, and it's very affordable...