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Why are Flexible Office Space Alternatives Growing?

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Four generations are in the US workforce, for the first time ever, with different values, work-style and life-style demands:
  • Veterans born before 1946 (*13% of the  Workforce)
  • The Baby Boomers 1946 – 1964 (*26.4% of the  Workforce)
  • Gen X 1965 - 1980 (*19.8% of the  Workforce)
  • Millennials/Gen Y 1981 on (*27.7% of the  Workforce)
They are all working together and often colliding as their paths cross. No wonder flexible working and virtual officing is taking off.

*United States Census Bureau, "2010 Census Briefs – Age and Sex Composition: 2010, Table 2" (2011)

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