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WTC Interview Q and A

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Here are a few of the Q and A about the World Trade Center 1 construction. I picked and chose what I thought was interesting.

Q. About what floor will 1 WTC reach by the 9/11/11 anniversary, and what floor will it reach by the end of 2011? – Michael, East Brunswick, N.J.

A. We expect to have steel up to a floor in the mid-80s by the 10th anniversary later this year and near the 104th floor by the end of the year.

Q. When do you expect 1 WTC to become the tallest structure downtown, as well as in New York City? Also, why does the first floor of glass skip to every other piece, and finally when will the plaza finishes begin? – Anthony, Commack, N.Y.

A. We anticipate 1 World Trade Center will be the tallest structure downtown by mid-summer when it surpasses the Beekman Tower, and the tallest in the City when it surpasses the Empire State Building by the end of this year. The missing panels of glass on the 20th floor were left out intentionally to accommodate supports for the protection required for the curtain wall glass installation.

Q. When will the spire go on 1 WTC and how long will it take for the spire to be installed? – Logan, New York, N.Y.

A. Installation of the tower's spire will begin in mid 2012, and will take approximately six months to complete.

Q. How many workers are working at 1 World Trade Center at any given time? – Joe, Brooklyn, N.Y.

A. Currently, the total manpower of all of the trades is approximately 1,100 people.

Q. When I visited last week, I noticed something strange with the glass. The reflections of things close to the building are very clear, but buildings and objects that are far away seem to be wavy and odd. Is this because the glass has just started to go in? Is there a film on the glass? – George, Philadelphia, PA

A. George, there is no film on the glass. Once the building is fully enclosed and pressurized, the wavy reflection will be reduced.

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