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We are a corporate real estate services firm that specializes in Eastside and Seattle office space location and lease negotiations for companies of all sizes. Our services are designed to maximize economic considerations to our clients.. Because we advocate solely on behalf of the tenant, we offer a level of transparency and objectivity that few firms can match.

Our independent status frees us to explore every possibility without allegiance to a particular property or owner. By eliminating conflict of interests, we remain flexible to drive the most aggressive economic package. We take pride in offering clients the optimum advantages of unbiased, thoroughly researched opportunities tailored to balance functional needs with financial objectives.

My personal experience is as a specialist in tenant representation in the Seattle and Puget Sound office leasing market with over ten years of experience in office space and commercial real estate. I have successfully negotiated more than 250,000 square feet in lease transactions totaling over thirty million dollars in value.

Strategically focused and detail oriented, I lead clients through the acquisition process from space planning, lease review and construction to final move in.

If you are looking for office space in Seattle, Bellevue, or the surrounding area, please contact me today!

The property types I work and can assist you with are:
  • Renting or Leasing Office Space of 1,499 square feet or larger
  • Purchasing Office Space of 2,499 square feet or larger
  • Executive Suites / Shared Office of 1,499 square feet or larger
  • Medical Space of 1,499 square feet or larger
  • Low-cost Office Space of 1,999 square feet or larger

I can assist you in finding space in the following markets:
  • WA - Ballard
  • WA - Bellevue
  • WA - Bellevue-520 Corridor
  • WA - Bellevue-Bel Square
  • WA - Bellevue-CBD
  • WA - Bellevue-Eastgate
  • WA - Bellevue-Factoria
  • WA - Bellevue-I-90 Corridor
  • WA - Bellevue-Overlake
  • WA - Kenmore
  • WA - Kirkland
  • WA - Kirkland-Juanita
  • WA - Mercer Island
  • WA - Redmond
  • WA - Seattle
  • WA - Seattle-Belltown
  • WA - Seattle-CBD
  • WA - Seattle-Eastlake Union
  • WA - Seattle-Lower Queen Anne
  • WA - Seattle-North End
  • WA - Seattle-Northgate
  • WA - Seattle-Pioneer Square
  • WA - Seattle-SoDo
  • WA - Seattle-South End
  • WA - Seattle-South Lake Union
  • WA - Seattle-Univ District
  • WA - Seattle-West Seattle
  • WA - Seattle-Westlake
  • WA - West Seattle
  • WA - Woodinville
  • WA - Yarrow Point

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