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Virtual Office Space: starts with a mailing address at one of the most prestigious office buildings in town. In addition to receiving your mail and faxes, we can sign for your packages and be a drop-off / pick-up point to get things between you and your clients. And when you have to meet those clients, Virtual Office Space gives you the perfect corporate environment. Private offices and conference rooms are available by the hour and they come with everything from conference calling and high-speed internet to copying, faxing and printing. Virtual Office Space is even there when you go out of town. You can enjoy the same professional meeting space and reception courtesies at any Intelligent Office around the country. And we'll make sure you get your mail and faxes wherever your business takes you.

The Remote Receptionist: gives you just the calls you want, when you want them. For starters, we answer all your calls live with your company name and screen them before connecting your calls seamlessly to you anywhere. We can then relay messages, send calls to voicemail or follow any other instructions you've left with us all without setting foot inside your office. And for just a fraction of the cost of a traditional receptionist. Best of all, The Remote Receptionist can seamlessly connect calls to any phone, anywhere, keeping you in the office┬Ł even when you're at home or out on
the road. Now that's something a traditional receptionist can't do.

Office Space Availability: We could now offer you your own Executive Office space with so many amenities such as a professional address along with your own mail box, allowing you to receive all your mail and packages without even being at your office. The Executive Office Space will be fully furnished allowing you to move in immediately without worries of furniture expense; your office will include High-speed Internet allowing you to be connected instantly. We will also provide you with your own phone number and phone system as well as your own dedicated fax line for all your business needs.

We also are offering a brand new service - Video Conferencing! The cost for this state-of-art technology is only $250.00 per hour.

If you are looking for office space in El Paso, contact us today!

The property types I work and can assist you with are:
  • Renting or Leasing Office Space
  • Executive Suites / Shared Office
  • Low-cost Office Space
  • Mixed-use Space

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