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We offer a variety of “Class A” office solutions to accommodate the needs of your business. Lease only the space you need on flexible terms. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art conference rooms, luxurious reception area, and comfortable break room. Our professional staff is always on hand to answer your calls, provide administrative support, and enhance your company’s image.
We are proud to offer cost-effective office solutions that are move-in ready. Whether a company is a home-based business, or needs space for multiple employees, we can accommodate the requirement. Our array of office sizes allows businesses to seamlessly graduate into the space they demand. Our tenants benefit from access to all the shared amenities and services that make our executive office suites the perfect solution for today’s business environment.

If you are looking for office space in Lake Oswego, or the surrounding area, please contact us today!

The property types I work and can assist you with are:
  • Renting or Leasing Office Space
  • Executive Suites / Shared Office
  • Low-cost Office Space

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