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We act for occupiers of offices only. This means that for prospective office purchasers and tenants we can secure the best deal and give truly impartial advice about both the office move process and selecting the right premises for your business. WE DO NOT ACT FOR LANDLORDS and therefore we do not have any conflicts of interests.

We can save you time
Acquiring new offices will almost certainly be time consuming. We will handle the majority of the work that takes the most time, thereby allowing you to concentrate on running your own business.

We negotiate the best deal for you
Very often there will be a lot of offices to choose from, we will work through all the opportunities that are available. With your criteria in mind we will assess which are most suitable then negotiate a competitive deal on your behalf.

We have access to offices not yet on the market!
Where there is not much in the way of suitable space we will use our contacts and market position to identify opportunities that are not actually on the market yet.

We can advise
If you give us a breakdown of the number of people you employ and the type of business you carry out, we can advise on matters such as the size and configuration of office space you will need.

There are some things you just do not do without professional help, and attempting to find new office space without the advice of a commercial agent, is one of them.
After staff costs, property costs are most likely to be a company's next largest outlay. Property is usually acquired on a long-term basis. So mistakes can affect a firm's financial well being and strategic options for years.
The agent's role is far wider than simply locating alternative premises. We are able to look at a company's entire operation, business plan and goals - and make suggestions for locations based on factors including labour supply, communications, cultural and academic links, quality of life and availability of a range of staff housing.
Looked at against the total costs of a lease over the length of its term, or the purchase price of a freehold building, professional agency fees are not large; looked at compared with the costs of making a move to the wrong building, or even to the right building on the wrong terms, they are very small indeed.
Ultimately, of course, the agent's role is to use his market knowledge and negotiating skills to obtain the best possible financial and lease terms on behalf of clients.
However, we provide other important services which include:
* Analysis of an organisation's existing portfolio and lease commitments
* Advising on various options for achieving a company's space requirement; and the implications of various approaches. For instance, in some cases objectives could be achieved within a firm's existing portfolio; in other cases by disposing of existing premises and relocating - or even a combination of both.
* Besides market knowledge and a wide network of contacts we also use extensive databases - helpful in matching available properties to your needs.
* Assessment of short-listed properties in terms of practical and financial considerations including lease terms and future ease of disposing of the building.
* Guide you through the relocation process. Advise on the appointment of other professionals as necessary, for example, you may require a buildng survey or a convayancing solicitor.
* Checking the measurement of the chosen property using the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors code of measuring practice to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.
* Assisting to ensure that the legal documentation is completed within the planned timetable.

Clearly the best advice will be obtained from a firm with an office agency that specialises in the areas of search and relocation.

We are here to help, and if we cannot, then we usually 'know a man who can.'

If you are looking for office space in London, or the surrounding area, please contact us today!

I Only Represent Tenants or Buyers

What That Means To You

The property types I work and can assist you with are:
  • Renting or Leasing Office Space of 1,000 square feet or larger
  • Purchasing Office Space of 1,000 square feet or larger
  • Executive Suites / Shared Office of 1,000 square feet or larger
  • Medical Space of 1,000 square feet or larger
  • Low-cost Office Space of 1,000 square feet or larger
  • Retail or Street Front of 1,000 square feet or larger
  • Studio Space of 1,000 square feet or larger
  • Mixed-use Space of 1,000 square feet or larger
  • Industrial/Warehouse of 1,000 square feet or larger

I can assist you in finding space in the following markets:
  • United Kingdom - Bracknell
  • United Kingdom - Brentwood
  • United Kingdom - Bristol
  • United Kingdom - Chelmsford
  • United Kingdom - City of London
  • United Kingdom - Heathrow
  • United Kingdom - Leeds
  • United Kingdom - London
  • United Kingdom - Manchester
  • United Kingdom - Reading
  • United Kingdom - Sheffield
  • United Kingdom - Soho
  • United Kingdom - Tees Valley-Middlesbrough
  • United Kingdom - Thames Valley - M3/M4 Corridor

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