Can your company benefit from an agile workplace?

Everything is evolving, fast paced and on the go. We are now in a generation that everything has changed, from “how” we work and even physical places “where” we work. One factor that affects staff’s productivity is the workplace. Development in technologies are helping and creating more smarter and more flexible techniques for workspaces. So, […]

4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in an Agile Office

The success of any 21st century business can be distilled down to three key factors: people, place, and technology. However, while many companies put a great deal of effort into hiring the best people and then equipping them with the latest tech, the environment in which they work usually receives less attention. At XSolve, we […]

How to Create an Agile Workplace that Really Functions

To say that there is a backlash against the open office space, and the agile workplace setup, is putting it mildly. Disgruntled employees have been venting for years about noise, constant “visits” from co-workers, and interruptions. Has the embrace of the agile workplace been little more than the professional version of the 1960s hippie movement? […]

Agile Office Space For Generation Z

Move over, Millennials, Generation Z is here, and its needs an agile office space. Termed Post-Millennials, Plurals or simply Gen Z, these workers were born in the late 1990s. What makes this generation tick and how can you customize a workplace to suit its future needs? An Extension of the Millennial Mindset (with economic improvements) […]

4 Lessons You Can Learn from Microsoft’s Agile Workplace Experiment

What does it take to create an agile workplace? While office planning and design choices are at the top of the list, there is more to the collaborative work environment than aesthetics of office design. In fact, it is a mindset that translates into structural adaptations. Microsoft has set the pace for this revolutionary use […]

Agile Workplace Strategies Appeal to Baby-Boomers and Millennials

Employing Baby-Boomers and Millennials in the same office can sound like a mighty challenge. Whereas one group is face-to-face interaction oriented, the other one likes to handle things remotely. Finding room designs that appeal to both demographics, and bring out their strengths, and keep them engaged can be as simple as adding a few agile […]

4 Steps to Build an Agile Workplace

There are many exciting trends in office spaces, but one of the biggest trends is the agile workplace. Agile workplaces are designed on the principle of giving workers space to work in ways that they are most comfortable and allowing them to work where and when they want. An agile workplace can quickly transform to suit the […]

Agile Workplace: The Four Zones You Need

If you have been doing your research about employee productivity, you might have found that offering an agile workplace which includes a flexible workplace where employees can choose where they like to work rather than being crammed in a cubicle or a tiny office — is a great way to increase employee engagement and production. Before […]

Three Key Elements of an Agile Workplace

While creating an environment in which employees feel comfortable and happy ensures that they will also be productive and engaged. Designing an office space that allows flexibility for your business to adjust quickly to changing business landscapes is the concept behind an agile workplace. Every aspect of the design of an office space must be […]

Creating an Agile Workspace; a Growing Trend

With large corporations like Google, Facebook, and Twitter leading the way, more and more businesses are leaning toward adopting a more agile workspace environment.  Eschewing the more traditional office format of individual offices and partitioned spaces, forward-thinking business owners are looking for open spaces which allow for greater flexibility of their creative teams and the […]